Arenadata Platform Security install guide

This article describes the settings of Hadoop security features, authorization in the cluster, installation of Apache Ranger, and creation of HDFS Policy using a dedicated product — Arenadata Platform Security (ADPS).

Before installing ADPS, make sure that the version of the Arenadata Hadoop bundle isn’t older than 2.1.3.

Apache Ranger includes the following components:

  • Ranger Admin

  • Ranger UserSync

  • Ranger Key Management Service

After installing and running these components, you can enable the Ranger plugins by going to each service (HDFS, HBase, Hiveserver2, YARN, etc.) in ADCM and changing the service configuration in the ranger-<service>-plugin-properties settings section.

If you are using Apache Kafka, you need to enable and configure the Kerberos protocol. For more information, see Kerberos.
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