Ranger plugins

Ranger allows creating services for certain Hadoop resources (HDFS, HBase, Hive, etc.) and adds access rights to these services. You can also create tag-based services and add access policies to them. Using tag-based policies allows you to manage access to resources of multiple Hadoop components without creating separate services and policies in each component. You can also use Ranger Tab Sync to synchronize the Ranger tag store with an external metadata service such as Apache Atlas.

The following Ranger plugins are available: HDFS, HBase, and YARN. You can enable Ranger plugins for multiple ADH services.

Before enabling plugins, you need to integrate your ADPS cluster with the ADH cluster.

  1. Go to the CLUSTERS → <your_ADH_cluster> → Import page.

  2. In the Import page, select the ranger checkbox to add your ADPS cluster.

    adh import ranger enable
    Ranger import
  3. Click Save.

Access to the Ranger web UI

  1. Open a web browser and go to the Ranger web interface. The IP address or FQDN of the Ranger web interface is specified on the Ranger Services page in your ADPS cluster.

    ranger service main
    Ranger address
  2. Enter the administrative credentials and click Sign in to authorize as Ranger admin.

    ranger auth
    Ranger sign-in

    Passwords for accessing the Ranger web interface are set before Ranger installation. For more information, see Credentials section.

After verifying the user authentication, it’s necessary to determine user access rights. The user’s access rights to resources are determined by authorization. For example, a user may be allowed to create policies and view reports, but editing users and groups isn’t allowed. Ranger can be used to configure and manage access to Hadoop services.

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