The command is used to run a pipes job.

The usage is as follows:

$ mapred pipes [-conf <path>] [-jobconf <key=value>, <key=value>, ...] [-input <path>] [-output <path>] [-jar <jar file>] [-inputformat <class>] [-map <class>] [-partitioner <class>] [-reduce <class>] [-writer <class>] [-program <executable>] [-reduces <num>]

-conf <path>

The path to a job configuration file

-jobconf <key=value,key=value,…>

Adds/overrides configuration properties for a job

-input <path>

The path to the input directory

-output <path>

The path to the output directory

-jar <jar file>

Specifies the JAR file name

-inputformat <class>

The name of the InputFormat class

-map <class>

The name of the Map class

-partitioner <class>

The name of the Partitioner class

-reduce <class>

The name of the Reducer class

-writer <class>

The name of the RecordWriter class

-program <executable>

The URI to the executable

-reduces <num>

The number of reduces


$ mapred pipes -conf job_463823057_6457
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