Arenadata Cluster Manager

Arenadata Cluster Manager (ADCM) provides an efficient way to deploy and manage all data services of a company regardless of the infrastructure used — in the cloud, on-premises or as PaaS-services. By dividing the data platform into two logically untied layers — the infrastructure layer and the applications layer — the operation of the entire platform becomes predictable, flexible, and repeatable.

TOP-10 popular articles

Learn how to upgrade the previously installed version of ADCM.

This article provides the link to the generated documentation on ADCM API.

Learn how to install ADCM.

Learn about the requirements necessary to install and run ADCM.

Learn how to perform ADCM backup and restore.

You can use additional modules and plugins to change ADCM internal metadata during the execution of playbooks. All modules and plugins are described in detail in this article.

Audit results are stored in a log file that is continuously generated every day until midnight. Learn how to view ADCM log files and what format is used to store data inside them.

ADCM release notes. Learn about new features, improvements, bug fixes, and so on.

This article outlines the steps necessary to enable HTTPS access for ADCM.

Bundle is a delivery unit in ADCM. New extensions and parts come in bundles. Learn what a bundle contains and which bundle types there are.

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