ADCM overview

Arenadata Cluster Manager (ADCM) is a Data Platform as a Service solution (DPaaS), that simplifies deploying and management of data services on-premises, in private or public clouds. By splitting data landscape into two independent management layers – infrastructure layer and application layer – your platform becomes flexible, predictable and repeatable.

ADCM allows installing, configuring, and upgrading clusters via pressing a button in the graphical interface or via API request. All setup for OS, services, network, as well as disks mounting is made automatically. ADCM assets manifest themselves to the fullest extent while working with heterogeneous infrastructure: you have the ability to place data services at various infrastructure objects — clouds, on-premises, or PaaS services.

adcm overview dark
ADCM interaction with heterogeneous infrastructure
adcm overview light
ADCM interaction with heterogeneous infrastructure

ADCM possibilities

Service possibilities:

  • Installing and configuring.

  • Upgrading.

  • Managing.

  • Monitoring.

  • Configuring access rights.

  • Integration with other services.

  • Containerization.

Infrastructure possibilities:

  • Creating and removing virtual machines.

  • OS configuring.

  • Monitoring.

  • User management.

  • Configuring access rights.

Additional possibilities:

  • Configuring security rules in ADCM.

  • Open ADCM API.

  • Open format for creating new bundles — add your own services and infrastructure.

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