Release notes




     Date: 10.07.2023

  • Bug fixes

Passing NonType (null) to inventory instead of an empty map configuration parameter

Incorrect variables in inventory for the *.maintenance_mode groups if the host is not added to the configuration group

License does not show up during bundle upgrade

adcm_hostid and other variables are missing when a host is placed in Maintenance Mode

VM initialisation does not start due to the six package being absent


     Date: 14.06.2023

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

  • Misc/Internal

Brute-force protection mechanism is implemented

Password policy is changed

RBAC functionality is improved

Variables defined in the CLUSTER group are not available for a host in maintenance mode

Wrong order of objects on the Hosts - Components page

The Hosts - Components page is not updated in case of reverting an upgrade

500 error when trying to upload a bundle that contains similar action names

Wrong order of actions within a job

Host in maintenance mode is not included in target

Different event identifiers for SQLite and PostgreSQL

Empty configuration parameter can’t be saved in a configuration group

Database errors after ADCM upgrade

Gateway timeout error after adding a new policy

Service dependency mechanism is implemented

display_name is added for upgrades

Added ability to commit changes in hc_map during an operation being executed

Added ability to manage activatable group state via adcm_config

Added ability to access previous parameters during the upgrade


     Date: 21.04.2023

  • Bug fixes

Prolonged update procedure for a cluster with RBAC policy


     Date: 10.04.2023

  • Bug fixes

Incorrect order of starting subactions within actions


     Date: 27.03.2023

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

  • Misc/Internal

Ability to use an external database to store metadata is added

Data migration from SQLite to PostgreSQL is supported. PostgreSQL database is recommended for use in the product environment. SQLite database is intended for experimental purposes

Time taken to switch maintenance mode on and off is reduced

Time taken to save configs and config groups is reduced

ADCM documentation link is updated

Django is updated to the latest version (3.2)

Bell icon user experience is improved

Critical error on the server when a user logs in via LDAP

Incorrect inheritance of maintenance mode

Unable to remove a component from the host in maintenance mode

Empty list shows when the last item is deleted from the second or further page

Trash button gives the SERVICE_CONFLICT error if the service has binded imports

Job is not terminated after a cluster is deleted

Some of the UI elements for hostproviders are broken

Save page for the components map freezes

Component concern link leads to the wrong page

Adding a policy leads to a gateway-timeout error during every ADCM operation

Cluster concern event is not sent when the cluster is created

500 error when trying to terminate a process that is already stopped

Ask for help button leads to the outdated link

Required message for empty fields does not show at all times it should

Group config cannot be saved if a field is changed

Error in URL when a job is selected via the bell button

Required service concerns are not displayed in the menu at the left side

Config group parameter values are not synchronized between different inventory host groups

Bell icon doesn’t react to events that arrive from backend

Bundle downgrade mechanism is implemented

License agreement confirmation mechanism is implemented for services

Mechanism for dynamic generation of configs is implemented for actions

secretfile config parameter type is added

secretmap config parameter type is added

skip option (allow_to_terminate) is added for subactions



     Date: 26.12.2022

  • New features

  • Bug fixes

The ability to set the password and secrettext config parameters to empty

Column sorting does not work properly

Lists of cluster and hostprovider bundles have duplicated entries after cluster or hostprovider is created


     Date: 07.12.2022

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

  • Misc/Internal

The ability to rename a cluster without recreating the object from scratch

The download functionality is implemented for action logs

The maintenance mode is implemented for services and components

The ability to view audit logs via UI

The status aggregation logic is improved according to service/component statuses

Ansible is upgraded to 2.9.27

The ability to map the Maintenance mode button to an action

The ability to map the Trash service removal button to an action

LDAP Sync action does not synchronize all users

When a job is stopped, the stderr and stdout files are blank

Filters for groups in ADCM LDAP integration settings do not work for users in those groups

When a bundle is uploaded, there is an error of the action name being too long

Change the name of the link to hostprovider at the HOSTS tab

Issue does not disappear after a cluster is upgraded

The ability to forward the display name of services and components in inventory


     Date: 04.10.2022

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

The ability to generate logs in CEF format is added to support the security audit functionality

The user deactivation functionality is substituted for user deletion

The ability to generate inventory host groups for hosts in maintenance mode is added

The ability to rename clusters and hosts via API

The ability to download action logs in bulk via API

UI: several fixes in group-config

Backend: the 500 error when launching action with config parameter that is able to be activated

Backend: the 500 error when uploading bundles with similar upgrade names

Backend: the CLUSTER_SERVICE_NOT_FOUND error in the JOBS page when pagination size equals 50 or 100

Backend: the config parameters of different objects are not synchronized across config groups

Backend: the service delete functionality works regardless of state

Backend: the config group customization does not affect the service/component configuration

UI: the concern link leads to the object’s detailed page, yet not to the page with the source of issue


     Date: 10.08.2022

  • New features

  • Bug fixes

The user authentication via Active Directory/LDAP is supported

The multiphase bundle upgrade functionality is added

The ability to remove deprecated components and services during upgrade is added

Backend: the brackets are not allowed in the upgrade name in case of pre/post-logic used

Backend: the spaces are not allowed in the bundle name in case of upgrade pre/post-logic used

Backend: the inability to save a group config containing an empty parameter of a list type

Backend: the passwords in ADCM logs are unmasked


     Date: 26.05.2022

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

The maintenance mode is supported for hosts

The support of group config for parameter types that are able to be activated is added

The ability to remove services that are in the created state is added

UI: the possibility to include the configuration field in the group-config in case of config_group_customization=False, advanced: true, and not only

Fixed: the inability to save configuration if component is not selected within the constraint of [0, odd]

Backend: the service configuration group ignores the configuration and presence of collocated services

Backend: the 500 error is received when launching action

Backend: expand on the locked hosts


Backend: the group configuration changes are not saved after the Save button is clicked

UI: the group configuration field should be enabled


     Date: 18.04.2022

  • New features

  • Bug fixes

The multiphase bundle upgrade functionality is added

The Mitogen support is disabled

The support of static jinja2 files during the bundle build is added for ADCMClient

Backend: fix the Ansible service_facts module

Backend: missing Ansible Vault secrets when importing/exporting clusters


     Date: 25.03.2022

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

The filtering of clusters, services, hosts, and hostproviders according to access rights

The filtering of object’s actions and their task logs according to access rights is implemented for backend

Multiple vulnerabilities eliminated (CVE)

Fixed: the weblinks are displayed incorrectly

Backend: optimize the policy application algorithm

Backend: the default value of the read-only configuration parameters does not change after the bundle upgrade

Backend: the database is locked when the bundle is uploaded during the cluster installation

Backend: Internal server error occurs when navigating to the JOBS tab

Backend: the min > max import range allows to upload a bundle and make an import as if it was the max > min import range

UI: turn off route redirection if permissions are denied


     Date: 01.02.2022

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

The RBAC functionality is added

Ansible 2.9 is supported (as an alternative) for SDK

The previous cluster state is enabled during upgrade

The abort job functionality is enabled after deleting an object

The date, time, and log level are included in the adcm_debug.log file

Fixed: some bugs related to the group-configs

Backend: the configuration parameters file resets to the file path instead of the file value

Backend: the endless job after a cluster is deleted

Backend: the service component is losing its own configuration during upgrade

Backend: the inability to start a host action

Backend: the import from another object of the same bundle is forbidden

UI: the broken links on the JOBS tab

UI: the Back button does not work on the JOBS tab

UI: the job that is in progress does not refresh the bell icon

UI: the failed jobs are shown before the succeeded ones under the bell icon

UI: the default values for the list and map types are displayed instead of the current values

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