Arenadata QuickMarts

Arenadata QuickMarts (ADQM) is a cluster column-oriented DBMS built on ClickHouse. ADQM generates various online analytical reports based on vast amounts of information stored in flat marts. ADQM is much faster than traditional DBMS.

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Sharding is a database design principle that suggests locating parts of the same table on different shards. Shard is a cluster node that can consist of one or more replicas. Replicas are servers that duplicate data within a shard. SELECT and INSERT queries can be sent to any replica of a shard, there is no a dedicated master.

The JOIN clause combines columns from two tables into a new table. A set of data rows in a resulting table depends on the JOIN type and the specified join conditions.

Learn about ways to install ADQM on hosts with/without access to Internet (online/offline) using ADCM.

To connect to ADQM, you can use clickhouse-client — a standard ClickHouse command-line client that allows you to run SQL queries and view their results in your terminal application. Once ADQM is installed, clickhouse-client is available on each server of the ADQM cluster.

Learn about the minimum hardware requirements for servers of an ADQM cluster.

ADQM supports an SQL language, so you can run different queries to operate data tables. This article describes the syntax and provides examples of queries to create/modify/delete tables, view table information, insert and read data.

This article describes the parameters that can be configured for ADQM services via ADCM.

ADQM release notes. Learn about new features, improvements, bug fixes, etc.

This article describes possible ways to set up ClickHouse Keeper in ADQM to use it for data replication and query distribution.

ADQM writes general and error text logs that can be useful for analyzing the causes of different errors. Additionally, you can enable logs of other types (for example, collect information about query execution, dependent views, threads, stack traces) that will be saved to special system tables in ADQM.

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