Cluster actions

This article describes actions available for working with an ADQM cluster in the ADCM interface. You can find cluster actions on the CLUSTERS tab.

clusters tab

The CLUSTERS tab displays a table with the following columns:

  • Name — name specified during the cluster creation.

  • Bundle — name of a bundle used to install the cluster.

  • Description — description specified during the cluster creation.

  • State — the current state of the cluster (created, installed, or upgradable).

  • Status. When you click the Status icon green status, a browser opens the Status page of the cluster menu where you can view statuses of all cluster services and their components. The icon image changes depending on the current state of the cluster. If the cluster does not work correctly, the Status warning orange warning icon is displayed.

  • Actions. When you click the Actions icon green arrow, the drop-down list offers actions to manage the cluster.

  • Import. When you click the Import icon import, a browser opens the Import page.

  • Upgrade. The Upgrade icon upgrade grey indicates whether a new version of a bundle is available and allows you to upgrade the cluster version.

  • Config. Clicking the Config icon config opens the Configuration page. See the Configure a cluster article for more information on this page.

  • The last column contains the Delete icon delete to remove a cluster.

You can click icons from columns described above to perform the corresponding cluster actions. When an action starts, ADCM displays its execution process and result on the JOBS tab. On this tab, you can expand complex action nodes to see inner steps, and analyze errors if they occur.

jobs tab
The JOBS tab


Click the Actions icon green arrow to display a drop-down list with available actions and select an action to run it.

cluster actions
Cluster actions

When you choose an action, ADCM displays a dialog window to confirm the choice. In this dialog window, you can select the Verbose checkbox to see additional execution details on the JOBS tab.

run action window
Action confirmation

A set of available actions depends on the cluster state:

  • For a new cluster (the cluster state is created), an available action is:

    • Install — installs all cluster services.

  • After a cluster is installed (the cluster state is installed), the following actions are available:

    • Check — checks if all components of the installed cluster work correctly.

    • Enable Kerberos — enables Kerberos authentication. After this action has been performed, the Disable Kerberos (disables Kerberos authentication) and Reconfig Kerberos (applies changes made to Kerberos configuration files and settings) actions appear.

    • Reinstall status-checker — reconfigures and restarts the status checker for all cluster services. Use this action when migrating a cluster to a new ADCM server.

  • For a cluster prepared for upgrade (the cluster state is upgradable), an available action is:


When you click the Import icon import, a browser opens the Import page. On this page, you can select components of other clusters (for example, monitoring components) that should be integrated to the ADQM cluster.

cluster import
The Import page


To upgrade an ADQM cluster version, you need to upload a new bundle first. To do this, switch to the BUNDLES tab, click Upload bundles, and select a new bundle file in your environment.

bundles tab

If you see an exclamation mark warning triangle in the Edition column, you need to sign the license agreement to use the uploaded bundle. Click warning triangle, read the agreement, and click Yes to accept it.

Signing the agreement license

After a new bundle is loaded, open the CLUSTERS tab. The Upgrade icon becomes active upgade orange — click it and select the available version from the drop-down list.

cluster upgrade 1
Starting upgrade

After you select an upgrade version, a confirmation dialog window appears. Click Run.

cluster upgrade 2
Upgrade confirmation

As a result, ADCM changes the cluster state to upgradable — the cluster is ready for upgrade. Click the Actions icon green arrow and select the Upgrade action.

cluster upgrade 3
Run the upgrade action

In the dialog that opens, click Run to confirm the upgrade. Once the upgrade process is complete, ADCM will change the cluster state to installed.


If you need to delete a cluster, click Delete delete and confirm this action in the opened dialog window.

cluster delete
Deleting a cluster

This action does not remove the ADQM or make any changes to the hosts that belong to the cluster. It only deletes the cluster information from ADCM.

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