Upload a bundle to ADCM

After a bundle is created, it should be uploaded to ADCM. In order to do this, navigate to the Bundles section, click Upload bundle, and select the bundle archive. Once the upload is complete, the bundle will appear in the Bundles section.

Bundles section
You can see the bundles developed for ADCM by Arenadata at https://network.arenadata.io/.

In order to create a cluster or a hostprovider after the bundle is uploaded to ADCM, you have to accept the license agreement. To accept the license agreement, navigate to the bundle page via clicking the bundle in the Bundles section. Once there, read the text of License Agreement, select the checkbox, and click Accept.

Bundle page

Bundle signature verification

Bundle has a signature that can be found in the file with the .sig extension which is located inside. When the bundle is uploaded, the signature is verified via the public key specified in the Bundle verification public key field on the configuration page.

bundle verification
Bundle verification public key field

Bundle signature status can be one of the following:

  • Valid — the signature verification is successful.

  • Invalid — the signature and the specified public key don’t match or the public key is missing.

  • Absent — the signature is missing.

Bundles that are issued by Arenadata before the 2023.09.28.17 release don’t have signatures, so each of those bundles has the Absent status which is normal and doesn’t affect the bundle functioning.
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