Zeppelin UI overview

Zeppelin provides a web-based user interface that allows to work with interpreters and notes. The interface is available at the following URL, where <IP> indicates the IP address of your Zeppelin server: http://<IP>:8180/.

The home page of Zeppelin web UI is shown below:

ui 01 dark
Zeppelin home page
ui 01 light
Zeppelin home page

To start working with Zeppelin, use one of these ways:

  1. Create a new note. To create a new note, click the Create new note list item at the left side of the home page. This function is also available after expanding the Notebook main menu item. The examples of creating notes, based on different interpreters, are available in the Examples of creating notes in Zeppelin section.

  2. View the available tutorials. Clicking the Zeppelin Tutorial item at the left side of the home page opens the list of built-in examples. You can go through each of them and try to execute the listed code by yourself.

  3. View the existing interpreters or add a new one. To start working with interpreters, you should select the Interpreter item in the account menu located in the top right corner of the home page. The example of adding a custom interpreter is described in the Add a custom interpreter to a group section.

The detailed UI description is available in the Zeppelin documentation. It is highly recommended that you read it before starting the work.
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