Add a host to a cluster

Use ADCM to add hosts to your ADH cluster, as explained below.

To have both clusters installed, see Get started with Arenadata Hadoop for additional information.

Follow these steps to add a host to your cluster:

  1. On the HOSTS tab, click Create host.

    add host 01
    Start adding a host
  2. On the Create host pop-up window, click orange dropdown and select a hostprovider for the host that is being added. Hostprovider is a special service used to manage hosts. You choose it depending on the underlying infrastructure. If you have your hosts on the premises, use the universal SSH hostprovider. If you create virtual machines in a cloud (Yandex, Google, or another) you can use a dedicated hostprovider with better management options than SSH. Here we consider the SSH hostprovider.

    add host 02
    Selecting a hostprovider

    If there is no hostprovider available, you should add it manually. Click green cross and fill out the following form:

    • In Bundle, select the bundle type that you have uploaded previously to ADCM.

    • In Version, choose the bundle version if you have several bundles uploaded.

    • In Hostprovider name, specify a name for the hostprovider.

    • Click green cloud to download a specific bundle if necessary.

    • Click fill green cross to complete the hostprovider selection.

      add host 03
      Hostprovider properties
  3. In Fully qualified domain name, enter the fully qualified domain name of the host, for example, When using the SSH hostprovider, this host must exist and be under your control.

  4. Click grey dropdown in the Cluster section and select the cluster you want to add the host to.

  5. Click Create to add the host to the cluster or Cancel to abort this operation.

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