The tool is used to list tables present in a database.

The tool usage is shown below.

$ sqoop list-tables <generic-args> <list-tables-args>
$ sqoop-list-tables <generic-args> <list-tables-args>

Although the generic Hadoop arguments must precede any list-tables arguments, the list-tables arguments can be specified in any order with respect to one another.

Common arguments

--connect <jdbc-uri>

Specifies the JDBC connection string

--connection-manager <class-name>

Specifies the connection manager class to use

--connection-param-file <filename>

Specifies optional properties file that provides connection parameters

--driver <class-name>

Specifies the JDBC driver class to use

--hadoop-mapred-home <dir>



Prints usage instructions


Sets the path to a file containing the authentication password


Reads the password from the console

--password <password>

Specifies the authentication password

--username <username>

Specifies the authentication username


Prints more information while working


Instructs Sqoop to use the read-uncommitted isolation level

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