Connect to Sqoop via CLI

To view the list of available tools, run the command:

$ sqoop help

This produces the following output:

usage: sqoop COMMAND [ARGS]

Available commands:
codegen            Generate code to interact with database records
create-hive-table  Import a table definition into Hive
eval               Evaluate a SQL statement and display the results
export             Export an HDFS directory to a database table


See 'sqoop help COMMAND' for information on a specific command.

To display usage instructions for the import tool, run the command:

$ bin/sqoop help import

This produces the following output:

usage: sqoop import [GENERIC-ARGS] [TOOL-ARGS]

Common arguments:
--connect <jdbc-uri>     Specify JDBC connect string
--connection-manager <class-name>     Specify connection manager class to use
--driver <class-name>    Manually specify JDBC driver class to use
--hadoop-mapred-home <dir>            Override $HADOOP_MAPRED_HOME
--help                   Print usage instructions
--password-file          Set path for file containing authentication password
-P                       Read password from console
--password <password>    Set authentication password
--username <username>    Set authentication username
--verbose                Print more information while working
--hadoop-home <dir>      Deprecated. Override $HADOOP_HOME

Import control arguments:
--as-avrodatafile             Imports data to Avro Data Files
--as-sequencefile             Imports data to SequenceFiles
--as-textfile                 Imports data as plain text (default)
--as-parquetfile              Imports data to Parquet Data Files
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