The metastore tool configures Sqoop to host a shared metadata repository. Multiple users and/or remote users can create and execute saved jobs (created with sqoop job) defined in this metastore.

Clients must be configured to connect to the metastore in sqoop-site.xml or with the --meta-connect argument.

The tool usage is shown below.

$ sqoop metastore <generic-args> <metastore-args>
$ sqoop-metastore <generic-args> <metastore-args>

Although the generic Hadoop arguments must precede any metastore arguments, the metastore arguments can be specified in any order with respect to one another.

Metastore management options


Shuts down a running metastore instance

Running sqoop-metastore launches a shared HSQLDB database instance on the current machine. Clients can connect to this metastore and create jobs that can be shared between users for execution.

The location of the metastore files on disk is controlled by the sqoop.metastore.server.location property in conf/sqoop-site.xml on the local file system.

The metastore is available over TCP/IP. The port is controlled by the sqoop.metastore.server.port configuration parameter, and defaults to 16000.

Clients should connect to the metastore by using sqoop.metastore.client.autoconnect.url or --meta-connect with the value jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://<server-name>:<port>/sqoop. For example, jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://

This metastore may be hosted on a machine within the Hadoop cluster, or elsewhere on the network.

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