Sqoop CLI



This section includes the reference documentation for the Sqoop CLI shell. All Sqoop commands are invoked by the bin/sqoop script.

The Sqoop shell usage is as follows:


where <GENERIC_OPTIONS> are preceeded by a single dash character (-). <SPECIFIC_OPTIONS> start with two dashes (--), unless they are single character arguments.


Sqoop provides the following tools.

Generates Java classes that encapsulate and interpret imported records

Populates a Hive metastore with a definition for a table based on a database table previously imported to HDFS, or one planned to be imported

Allows users to quickly run simple SQL queries against a database; results are printed to the console

Exports a set of files from HDFS back to an RDBMS

Lists tools available in Sqoop and explains their usage

Imports a set of tables from an RDBMS to HDFS

Imports all sequential datasets in a partitioned dataset (PDS) on a mainframe to HDFS

Imports an individual table from an RDBMS to HDFS

Allows you to create and work with saved jobs

Lists database schemas present on a server

Lists tables present in a database

Allows you to combine two datasets where entries in one dataset should overwrite entries of an older dataset

Configures Sqoop to host a shared metadata repository

Displays version information for Sqoop

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