The eval tool allows you to quickly run simple SQL queries against a database; results are printed to the console. This allows users to preview their import queries to ensure they import the data they expect.

The eval tool is provided for evaluation purpose only. You can use it to verify database connection from within the Sqoop or to test simple queries. It is not supposed to be used in the production workflows.

The tool usage is shown below.

$ sqoop eval <generic-args> <eval-args>
$ sqoop-eval <generic-args> <eval-args>

Although the Hadoop generic arguments must precede any eval arguments, the eval arguments can be entered in any order with respect to one another.

Common arguments

--connect <jdbc-uri>

Specifies the JDBC connection string

--connection-manager <class-name>

Specifies the connection manager class to use

--connection-param-file <filename>

Specifies optional properties file that provides connection parameters

--driver <class-name>

Specifies the JDBC driver class to use

--hadoop-mapred-home <dir>



Prints usage instructions


Sets the path to a file containing the authentication password


Reads the password from the console

--password <password>

Specifies the authentication password

--username <username>

Specifies the authentication username


Prints more information while working


Instructs Sqoop to use the read-uncommitted isolation level

SQL evaluation arguments

-e,--query <statement>

Executes the SQL <statement>

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