ADB known issues

Issue From Fixed Workaround

The SELECT query to arenadata_toolkit.__db_files_current fails with the following error:

psql:/tmp/tmpLWiv6c:1: ERROR:  illegal rescan of motion node: invalid plan (nodeMotion.c:1712)  (seg105 slice5 pid=22864) (nodeMotion.c:1712)
HINT:  Likely caused by bad NL-join, try setting enable_nestloop to off


  1. Via psql, connect to the database where you gather statistics (e.g. adb) under a superuser:

    $ psql adb -U <superuser>
  2. Run the following command to alter the function:

    ALTER FUNCTION arenadata_toolkit.adb_get_relfilenodes(tablespace_oid OID) ROWS 30000000;

The ADB bundle update action can fail with the following error: Failed: invalid syntax, for details look pg_hba.conf on master host


  1. Backup logs from the pg_log directory.

  2. Clear or compress log files.

  3. Restart ADB.

During installation of the ADB cluster (version < with external ADB Control (version from to, you get inconsistency of agents with server endpoint and the failed bundle task:

AssertionError: Action Install finished execution with unexpected result - 'failed'. Expected - 'success'
  TASK [adcc_client : Add ADB connection to ADCC]

No workaround. Only upgrade to the Fixed version resolves the issue

The shared library doesn’t appear in shared_preload_libraries during upgrade with the following pg_log error on master: FATAL: could not access file ""diskquota"": no such file or directory

  1. Ensure that the dry-run of the sed utility works correctly:

    $ sed 's/diskquota/diskquota-2.0/g' /data1/*/gpseg*/postgresql.conf
  2. Run the sed utility with the -i parameter to apply changes:

    $ sed -i 's/diskquota/diskquota-2.0/g' /data1/*/gpseg*/postgresql.conf

During installation of the encryption module, you get the following error: ERROR: Encryption library was not found in /var/lib/pxf/lib/ directory

Copy the necessary library from /usr/lib/pxf/lib/:

$ cp /usr/lib/pxf/lib/encryption-1.0.0-exec.jar /var/lib/pxf/lib/encryption-1.0.0-exec.jar

If you upgrade your cluster to, remember that during this process the arenadata_toolkit.db_files_history table is being recreated with loading partitions/compression options and all data into the new table. This process may take a long time for a huge table

If you do not want to include the arenadata_toolkit.db_files_history table migration into the upgrade process, rename this table before upgrade and return the source name after:

  1. Run the query:

    ALTER TABLE arenadata_toolkit.db_files_history RENAME TO db_files_history_skip;
  2. Run the Upgrade cluster action via ADCM and wait for a successful upgrade.

  3. Run the query:

    ALTER TABLE arenadata_toolkit.db_files_history_skip RENAME TO db_files_history;

If you upgrade your cluster to with installed ADCC and the UI LDAP authentication parameter switched on, the newer ADB server is not registered in ADCC and its version on the Information page in ADCC remains the same as for the older ADB server. It does not affect any functionality

  1. Uninstall ADCC before upgrading the ADB cluster to

  2. Run Upgrade.

  3. Reinstall ADCC after upgrade.

[6X issue 13067] Gradual memory leak on mirror segments

Increase monitoring for memory consumption in a cluster and restart a cluster during the maintenance if possible. This issue will be patched in the next release

madlib on Power8 (ppc64le arch) breaks a gpdb build

No workaround. madlib is not included into a Power8 (ppc64le arch) build

kafka-fdw of versions 0.11-0.12 (they were ported in does not work correctly when a batch size exceeds 40000 - <msg_count> * 40 bytes (where <msg_count> is a count of messages). In this case, the SELECT operation from the KafkaToADB external table causes SEGFAULT. The fix on the issue is expected in the next ADB release

Do not use a batch size larger than 40000 - <msg_count> * 40 bytes if you read more than one message. There are no limits for reading a single message

The gpbackup utility of versions 1.20.1 - 1.20.4 does not work correctly when foreign tables are present in a database. Backup fails with the SQLSTATE 42809 error. The fix on the issue is expected in the next ADB release

Replace the current gpbackup with version 1.20.0 which is included in ADB

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