ADB Control releases


Date: 31.08.2023

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

The custom timezone setting is now available on the Configuration tab

New parameters for the metrics offloading job (Export job) were added

Changed the order of side menu items

Deleting the last user with the Owner role is now prohibited

The Show and Frequency settings for jobs and actions lists were not saved after switching to another page

Fixed the error of filtering by Job group on the Jobs → Audit page


Date: 10.08.2023

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

ADB is now available as a target database for exporting metrics from ADB Control

Filters for Object name, Username, Host columns on the Audit → Operations and Audit → Authorizations pages are now case insensitive and partial (allow you to search by the first characters entered)

Password for an offload database was shown on the Audit → Operations page

Sorting by columns was not available on the Jobs page

User role was displayed as a digit on the Audit → Operations page

After selecting a cluster, agents for other clusters were displayed on the Information page

It was impossible to switch to the next list page in the Resource groups → Overview section if there were more than 5 segments in the list


Date: 20.07.2023

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

New tables and filters were implemented

Error when changing the user role

Error when launching the metrics offload job

Execution time was not showed in plan nodes after the command finished

Details for relation audit were not showing

Audit operation for updating the resource group configuration was not registered


Date: 30.06.2023

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

Audit for unsuccessful ADB logon attempts was added

Audit for ADB Control users management actions is available now

Checking that a new password differs from the current one was implemented

Added an archiving action for a cluster to stop monitoring of the selected cluster with the ability to activate it again

Added filtering of queries shorter than a threshold on the adcc-agent side to improve agents stability

SQL signature (sql_id) was added for every command

Start time/End time filters are now visible by default on Commands History, Transactions History, and Backups pages

Status names formatting in filters and table columns is unified

No message was displayed when a connection was successfully created

Toggle button for a table was enabled when there was no further information

Reset button didn’t reset sorting

Displayed NaN for Avg load rate / sec on the ADCC agent information page

Cluster information data didn’t update immediately after switching the cluster on Actions, Backups, Restores tabs

Black screen was displayed when switching to another cluster from restore details

Backup details action row was not displayed

Page path not changed when switching tabs

Performance metrics list for commands/transactions had duplicates


Date: 27.04.2023

  • New features

  • Bug fixes

  • Misc/Internal

Arenadata DB Command Center (ADBCC) is renamed to Arenadata DB Control (ADB Control)

Added the ability to export metrics to an external database for a long-term storage

Added the CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) protection support

Added a forced password change at the first user authentication in the system

Added the temporary blocking of the user account after several failed authentication attempts

Added calculation of total monitoring metrics. For active commands and transactions, cpu-total, read-total, and write-total are calculated at the current time from the start of execution

Added pagination for the Job monitoring page

Fixed checking the name of the user that is being created. Only latin characters, numbers, and special characters in the user name are available

Fixed: no pop-up window when receiving an error

Fixed: a query could become "frozen" in the unknown status after 14-16 seconds

Decreased the log level in gpadcc


Date: 15.02.2023

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

Using ADBCC along with gpperfmon within the same ADB cluster is now supported

LDAP search in several OUs during ADBCC authentication is now available

Added the ability to sort by almost all columns on the Command online/Command history and Transaction online/Transaction history pages

Added the ability to show all available filters on the Command online/Command history and Transaction online/Transaction history pages

Added the ability to edit the JDBC URL and the Username cluster connection settings after the cluster creation

Added a pop-up window with information about the application of the resource group settings

On the detailed transaction page in the table of commands belonging to the transaction, renamed the Workload column to Resource group

Added the ability to specify the sorting direction on the Resource groups page

Fixed breadcrumbs that are shown when viewing resource groups. Instead of cluster and group IDs, resource group names are now displayed

Sometimes the cpu skew metric obtained negative values

The statistics calculation for an interval of more than an hour

The calculation for the Total queue duration column on the Resource groups page

Removed the ability to enter negative values for the Batch size and Expire duration settings on the Configuration page for a job policy

The pagination error on the User page

The calculation for the number of commands in the running status on the Command online page

The search for a command in the text when there is a newline character in the query text


Date: 06.12.2022

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

Added a new user interface for ADBCC

Added a new module for ADB binary backups management — Arenadata DB Backup Manager (ADBM)

Added a new module responsible for performing scheduled tasks — adcc-scheduler

Added a functionality for monitoring resource groups:

  • The page with existing resource groups.

  • The page with detailed information for the resource group including active commands of the group.

  • The ability to configure the resource group.

All datetime metrics are now stored in UTC

For clusters being removed from the ADBCC configuration, uncompleted commands and transactions are not updated

The status, finishAt, and system metrics (readTotal, writeTotal, and cpuUsageTotal) of the current active command are now updated immediately for a terminated transaction. The status of the command is set to CANCELLED

The calculation of Spill Skew on the Command monitoring and Command history pages

The calculation of the node execution time for a command in PLAN & PROGRESS

The calculation of system metrics with negative values


Date: 20.10.2022

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

  • Misc/Internal

Added new performance metrics for commands and transactions: Cpu usage total, Read bytes total, Write bytes total

Added the ability to repeatedly change a resource group for a transaction

Removed the ability to stop execution of a separate command by canceling or terminating it

Renamed the Workload column to Resource Group on the Monitoring and History data pages for commands and transactions, as well as for detailed pages

Removed the ability to change a resource group for a command on the Monitor Command page

For commands and transactions, rows are now sorted by the Status column value

Excluded the large bold font style for system metrics on detailed pages of commands and transactions

Corrected the data sorting on the Audit page based on numbers, symbols, letters

It was impossible to enter data using the keyboard into the Start Time filter on the Monitor/Transaction pages

The error with appearance of multiple filters by cluster and by database, if a filter by database was being added from the filter list

Fixed the mapping of memory dimension from MiB to Mb

Fixed calculating the number of tuples affected by the request without updating the page

Included the Planchecker database objects into migration


Date: 30.08.2022

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

  • Misc/Internal

Added a new column Planner

Added the ability to filter commands by a planner

Added the ability to cancel a transaction on the Detailed transaction page

Added a button to reset and delete all previously applied filters on the Monitor and History command pages

Added the ability to reassign queries to another resource group

Added a configuration for a Planchecker address

Changed the display of the Spill Files (skew), Row Skew (in the Node panel), Cpu Skew, Memory Skew, Read Skew, Write Skew metrics to the uniform format: <metric_name> Skew <metric_value>%

The ADB unavailability error in case of the OutOfMemoryError error in ADBCC

Fixed an actual tuples count for commands

Fixed the incorrect display of the command status on the Detailed transaction page if the transaction was cancelled

Added a Planchecker image to the ADBCC service (docker-compose) in the ADB bundle


Date: 21.07.2022

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

Processing of NodeStatusMetric messages is supported

Added transaction pages: Transactions monitoring, Transactions history, page with detailed information about the transaction and a list of requests made within this transaction

Added the ability to filter data by schema and relation on the Query history page

Added a link to Transactions history in order to navigate to queries from the Audit page

Added a link to the parent transaction in the Command details tab

The SQL statement groups DDL, DML, DCL, and TCL are now displayed on the Monitor and History pages

Added Spill and Spill Skew columns to the customization table on the Monitor/Command and History/Command pages

A non-blocking socket is now used to communicate with an agent

Long values of the Query ID column overlapped the next column with data on the History/Command page

The incorrect sorting according to the schema with a heavy load on the Relation audit page

When a user moved from the statistics to the list of commands on the Relation audit page, the command was being duplicated

The missing tooltip for the Reset button

The NullPointerException exception occurred during attempts to get system metrics

Empty values were at the end of the list when the data was being sorted

The queuedTime field displayed different values on the Monitor page and the Command details page

The cache did not work properly, and the data was obtained directly from the database

After the Cluster name column was added, the cluster value was not displayed in the table on the Monitor/Command and History/Command pages

The Duplicate key value violates unique constraint error

The bug with sorting on the Monitor and History pages when all the records became hidden


Date: 11.04.2022

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

  • Misc/Internal

Integrated the Avg cluster query metrics

Implemented compression for huge queries

Added a configuration for Registry Service to configure the addresses of backend servers

The actual statistics from EXPLAIN ANALYZE for finished queries is processed now

The Plan&Progress and Text panels are hidden now if the content is empty

ADBCC exceeded the limit of connections to ADB

Fixed the relation name display for a Dynamic Seq Scan node

The color-coding for plan node statuses was broken

The login error with cyrillic passwords

Migrated the adcc-extension to the adbcc repository


Date: 09.03.2022

  • Bug fixes

Filtering invalid metrics from gpperfmon


Date: 17.02.2022

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Misc/Internal

Data audit support

Background jobs history

Support for virtual process memory in system metrics of commands

Service load ratio support

Changed the sort order for metrics with NULLS LAST on the Query Monitor/History pages

Reworked top menu

Bumped log4j2 dependencies

New system endpoints


Date: 20.12.2021

  • New features

  • Bug fixes

HTTPS support in ADBCC SSL

The new maxMessageKbSize parameter in the adcc-agent configuration file

The agent stopped processing query metrics due to RejectedExecutionException


Date: 18.11.2021

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

Added the maxMessageKbSize setting to

Added a message size check

Fixed re-sending of incorrect messages

Fixed getting system metrics from ClickHouse


Date: 12.11.2021

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Misc/Internal


New system metrics: CPU, RAM, IO

Adding columns dynamically to the History and Monitoring pages

Information about background processes on the system status information page

Actualization for hanging queries

adcc-extension: database and username are now shown in a plan message

adcc-extension: lock polling is now disabled to avoid sending huge locks snapshots to agents

Using a ClickHouse database for saving draft system metrics


Date: 07.09.2021

  • New features

Added an agent build for Power8 LE platform (ppc64le arch)


Date: 17.08.2021

  • New features

  • Improvements

Time-based Retention Policy

Fine-grained access to multiple databases for Advanced users

Extended information on errors

Column search filters and sorting on the Query Monitor and History pages

Information on ADBCC/ADB versions and documentation

Scaling of the plan modal window

UI updates


Date: 03.08.2021

  • New features

  • Improvements

New UI for Backend Server

Ability to cancel and terminate queries on the Query Details and Monitoring pages

Ability to view locks and blocks on the Query Details page

Support of displaying information for the ADBCC agent

LDAP authentication

Truncating of query plan details

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