ADBM releases



Date: 27.04.2023

  • New features

  • Bug fixes

  • Misc/Internal

Added support for PowerPC-based computers

Added the ability to restore data from backups without mirror segments

Added the ability to filter restore points for the Restore retry mechanism

Added the Restores tab to view Restore actions

Creating an additional configuration when reinstalling without creating a backup

The error with using an S3 repository to store backups

Added the openapi-yaml generator to generate OpenAPI files

Added a timeout to read an OpenAPI file


Date: 15.02.2023

  • New features

  • Improvements

The list of available cluster actions is supported now

Added the ability to delete the last backup from the stanza. It expands the cleaning functionality logic

Added the ability to restore specific databases from backups

Added the ability to use the Force flag when a cluster is being restored from a backup. It means bypassing all checks

Added the validation for the cron expressions that are used when ADBM configuration is being created or edited

Added a check for archive_command when saving the ADBM configuration. It allows avoiding unnecessary restart of the ADB cluster


Date: 06.12.2022

  • New features

Implemented the first ADBM version. For more details, see Arenadata DB Backup Manager overview

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