ADB 6 releases


     Date: 31.08.2023

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

Implemented ADB to ADB Connector 1.0.0

Added the Uninstall action for Madlib

Implemented ADBM 1.4.0

Implemented ADB Control 4.4.0

gpbackup: removed the timeout for gprestore that caused the connection error if COPY from gpdb didn’t connect to the pipe

Replaced gp_log_system for gp_toolkit.__gp_log_master_ext in the pg_hba validation query

Fixed ORCA invalid processing of nested SubLinks referenced in the GROUP BY clause

Excluded reconfiguring of Diamond if a cluster has no monitoring

Fixed the error with an empty value of the ADB Control Docker address in pg_hba.conf

Fixed the error that occurred when the session on the master node was ended, while the sessions on the segments continued to work

Removed dynamic linking of zstd for to avoid a memory leak during workfiles compression

Fixed: VACUUM made all segments inaccessible in case of a concurrent transaction

Fixed Explicit Redistribute logic for queries with SubPlans

     Date: 10.08.2023

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

Synced with upstream Greenplum Database 6.25.1

Upgraded pgbackrest to 2.47

Upgraded gpbackup to 1.29.1

Upgraded gpbackup-s3-plugin to 1.10.0

Upgraded madlib to 1.21.0

Added LDAP integration and synchronization with ADB from bundle

Added the Enable mirroring action to the ADB service

Added the pgbouncer-adb6 RPM with LDAP native authentication

Added the Uninstall action for PostGIS

Added the Uninstall action for diskquota

gpbackup: added the --report-dir parameter to gprestore

Implemented ADBM 1.3.3

Implemented ADB Control 4.3.3

Timezone is taken into account in the operation_log filenames for arenadata_toolkit

Added support for the EXPLAIN ANALYZE queries that contain cursor declarations

Reduced memory consumption by avoiding ORCA initialization on query executors where ORCA is never used

Fixed Unhandled ORCA memory pool init error in OOM conditions

gpbackup: table grants didn’t appear after the restore in a new schema

gpbackup: wrong DDL were created for foreign tables using kadb-fdw

Fixed a segmentation fault during a dispatch interrupt

Fixed update of ADB Control/ADBM versions in UI after cluster upgrade

The EXECUTOR role for standby left only after process of obtaining standby from Registry

Fixed inconsistency of adcc-agents with external ADB Control server endpoint


     Date: 20.07.2023

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

Implemented ADBM 1.3.2

Implemented ADB Control 4.3.2

Postgres config files are backed up for the purpose of ADBM Copy (Disaster Recovery)

Fixed: cluster was marked Down in ADBM when master was on the same host as segment

     Date: 30.06.2023

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

Synced with upstream Greenplum Database 6.24.3

Upgraded pgbackrest to 2.45

Upgraded gpbackup to 1.28

Upgraded gpbackup-s3-plugin to 1.9

Upgraded pxf to 6.6

ADB ClickHouse Connector went out of beta to GA

ADB ClickHouse Connector: implemented segment scans to support select capability

Implemented the adb_collect_table_stats function to handle a problem with NULL values in db_files_current

Implemented the adb_skew_coefficients view to monitor data skews as opposed to gp_toolkit.gp_skew_idle_fractions

Added SASL_PLAINTEXT and SASL_SSL to ADB Kafka connector

Implemented ADBM 1.3.0

Implemented ADB Control 4.3.1

SSH connection timeout was increased to ensure spare node installation with ADB bundle

ADB ClickHouse Connector: avoided using of short-living context for edatum in scans

ADB ClickHouse Connector: avoided removing of one resource release callback inside another

ADB ClickHouse Connector: changed the send_delay_ms option to send_delay in the X-GP-OPTIONS-SEND_DELAY header

ADB ClickHouse Connector: improved initial shard selection based on segno for insert queries based on round-robin

ADB bundle was changed to use rebranded service names of ADB ClickHouse Connector (ex — Tkhemali) and ADB Control (ex — ADCC)

adb_ddp_plugin was optimized with more performant restores by means of filtered offsets

Migrated the arendata_toolkit schema to the arenadata_toolkit extension module

Fixed the gpstop error No such process with a locale other than en_US

Fixed segfault when executing a query using JOIN LATERAL

Fixed segfault when executing a competing update in a trigger

Fixed PXF migrator in an ADB bundle

Fixed the FQDN problem that occurred during the Expand action

Fixed: ORCA set improper Flow for Shared Scan nodes during translation to a physical plan

ADB ClickHouse Connector: fixed the uninitialized variable error inside the options module

Fixed creating the diskquota extension with the global option appendonly=true


     Date: 31.05.2023

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

Synced with upstream Greenplum Database 6.23.5

Upgraded diskquota to 2.2.1

Limited the find command depth when diskquota upgrading

Fixed diskquota 2.x to allow a huge number of rows in diskquota.table_size

PXF curl error buffer: a transfer closed with external read data remaining

Fixed: diskquota hung and blocked the cluster stopping


     Date: 27.04.2023

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

Synced with upstream Greenplum Database 6.23.3

Upgraded pxf to 6.5.0

Upgraded diskquota to 2.2.0

Implemented ADB ClickHouse Connector. You can use the new connector version in the beta mode simultaneously with the previous version Tkhemali Connector 1.X

Started to process the IN predicate for filter push-down purposes in PXF JDBC

Enabled SSL between Client and Master

Enabled addition of Monitoring Clients to new hosts after the Expand action

Added PXF Monitoring Grafana Dashboards

Added the ability to expand monitoring agents in the ADB bundle

Arenadata DB Command Center (ADBCC) is renamed to Arenadata DB Control (ADB Control)

Implemented ADBM 1.2.1

Implemented ADB Control 4.2.1

Refactored the logs compression script

Added additional checks for the ADB state when the Install/Reinstall ADBM actions are being performed

Removed redundant Partition Selector nodes from the DELETE operation when anti-join is used to filter for deletion

It was impossible to upgrade Diskquota directly from 1.0 to 2.1 or later

PXF: fixed the error that occurred if the year contained more than 4 digits

ADCC monitoring could not be installed when "one shot" cluster installation was used

Fixed the incorrect IP for Standby in the script after the cluster upgrade

The gpcheckcat test failed after syncing with 6.23

ADCC client did not re-register on the ADCC server with LDAP when running Reconfigure & Restart

The PANIC error in logs with the could not fsync file text on MIRROR after moving a database to another tablespace

Disabled the gp_enable_gpperfmon GUC if ADCC >= 4.1 is being installed/upgraded

After restarting a Master server or segment host, Graphana transmitted incorrect data

Corrected the error output for gpfdist when inserting large rows

Fixed issues with the external cluster DB addition into pg_hba.conf during the Reconfigure & Restart action

It was impossible to uninstall the ADCC service due to the Edit pg_hba error

Fixed issues with the script

Fixed the missing (yet claimed) tablefunc version 1.1 extension

The ADBM actual mapping state was not checked during the Install ADBM service action

Fixed: monitoring scripts could exhaust a connection pool

The connection cluster was not created automatically after the bundle installation with LDAP

After the Expand action, the unusual data appeared on a new segment in data_analyze

Fixed the incorrect never executed label in query plans

Fixed: the ADB cluster update process failed

Fixed the uninformative error that occurred when the reload process failed

The high memory consumption could lead to OOM for AOCS tables and NLJ


     Date: 15.02.2023

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

  • Misc/Internal

Upgraded pgbouncer to 1.18

Upgraded gpbackup to 1.27

Upgraded plcontainer to 2.2

Implemented a buffer parameter in the gpcheckperf utility

ADB bundle: added a checkbox to echo ADB-specific metrics to Monitoring Clients

Implemented ADBM 1.1.0

Implemented ADBCC 4.1.0

ADB bundle: removed the gppefmon dependency from ADBCC and refactored the ADBCC configs

ADB bundle: renamed Encryption Key to Alias in the PXF service

Added a precaution annotation to /home/gpadmin/arenadata_configs/postgresql.conf

Made migration of the arenadata_toolkit objects optional and unchecked by default

Components in ADB did not change their state to installed after installation

High memory utilization for queries with SQL subqueries

The service query collect_table_stats.sql periodically hung

The PXF encryption error: Encryption library was not found in /var/lib/pxf/lib/ directory

It was impossible to add the Chrony Secondary component on a new Standby host

PXF did not start with enabled option encryption: Implement check for keystore file is exist

Refactored to avoid crontab for a Standby node

EXPLAIN provided a wrong rows count for a WindowAgg node

The invalid byte sequence for encoding UTF8 in logs during accessing arenadata_toolkit.db_files

GPORCA produced a bogus plan for queries with CTE during handling distribution for Sequence children

The SIGSEGV error occurred when ADB read a PXF external table

Incorrect json type processing

The issue with changing an ADBCC service configuration file via ADCM

Fixed a system database name for ADBM

Fixed known issues for ADB

Placed the plcontainer Docker images (python2/python3) in our public registry

     Date: 06.12.2022

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

Synced with upstream Greenplum Database 6.22.1

Upgraded gpbackup to

Upgraded PXF to

Upgraded kafka-adb to 0.16

Added encryption 1.0.0

Added adbm 1.0.0

Upgraded geospatial to

ADB bundle: implemented the pg_hba custom section in the ADB service configuration

ADB bundle: added the ADBM service and the ADBM configuration page

ADB bundle: added an option to the ADB configuration to store a Docker certificate for a trust self-signed registry

Obfuscated jdbc.password in the PXF jdbc-site.xml file

Added the ability to deserialize AVRO messages in kafka-adb

Implemented ADBCC 4.0.0

Added a new system for ADB binary backups management — Arenadata DB Backup Manager (ADBM)

Made optimizations in arenadata_toolkit.db_files_history

The error occurred during the postgis extension upgrade in ADB 6.22.0

The CREATE EXTENSION command in explicit transactions failed during assertion on executors

Fixed the cross-slice interaction detection for subplans

The error with Precheck and Check actions after ADB installation

The ADBCC client did not re-register on the ADBCC server when Reconfigure & Restart was being applied

PXF might not catch a malformed chunked encoded response

The postmaster process could exhaust all signal slots under the intensive connections pressure

PXF hung indefinitely when it executed queries using the maximumPoolSize = 1 parameter

Changed logic for ADB checkstatus


     Date: 20.10.2022

  • New features

  • Bug fixes

  • Misc/Internal

Synced with upstream Greenplum Database 6.22.0

Added support for AltLinux 8.4 SP. AltLinux 8.2 SP is now deprecated

Added Data Domain Boost 1.0.0 (adb_ddboost_plugin)

Upgraded gptkh to 0.14

Upgraded diskquota to 2.0.1

Upgraded PXF to

PXF: allowed setting of Oracle parallel instructions

PXF: enabled a filter pushdown status in PXF JDBC logs

Implemented ADBCC 3.7.0

PostgreSQL planner produced a bogus plan for queries against replicated tables with SIRV functions

The SIGSEGV error occurred when ADB read a PXF external table

Fixed the lost parameter delete in a cron log rotation script

Refactored Planchecker to use an external ADBCC database

The Postmaster process might exhaust all signal slots under the intensive connections pressure

gpbackup: fixed the metadata order so that now gprestore can restore functions after the tables that are used in functions as a returning type

Fixed the projection of boolean qualifiers which attributes are not in the SELECT list

PXF refactoring:

  • Fixed reading of configuration files after the PXF cluster sync.

  • Added the PXF bin to $PATH of the gpadmin user.

  • Installed PXF to Standby.

Applying the INSERT INTO command to a replicated table in combination with the SELECT FROM query against another replicated table with sequence generation failed

entrydb processed wrong slot resetting on moving a query to a resource group

A failure occurred when DynamicSeqScan had a subPlan

Failed to exchange a partition with a table having a dropped column that the table was distributed by

The SIGPIPE error occurred during fetching the external table data via the extended protocol

gptkh: fixed fetching of the actual system.tables columns in ClickHouse (according to the ClickHouse version)

Added a registry URL and arenadata-enterprise repository to the bundle configuration


     Date: 30.08.2022

  • New features

  • Bug fixes

Synced with upstream Greenplum Database 6.21.1

Enabled core dump files for ADB processes

Implemented ADBCC 3.6.0

Tkhemali could not process text fields with a new line character

Read data stream is released now when a partition scan is over

The EvalPlanQual routine erroneously arose for the DELETE operation over a partitioned append-optimized relation

gp_toolkit.pg_resgroup_move_query could lose RG slots

auto_explain is not running now anywhere besides a dispatcher process

ALTER TABLE erased pg_appendonly values

Fixed a gang loss during running a transaction when gp_dist_wait_status was being called within a transaction

A database process entry initialized a whole plan tree


     Date: 21.07.2022

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

Synced with upstream Greenplum Database 6.21.0

Implemented ADBCC 3.5.1

Optimized DML queries against partitioned tables to avoid further planning if a partition was pruned

Excluded the gpmon background process from the shared memory user list

Refactored the gpdb specific code for the dispatch result waiting

Implemented a fallback to PostgreSQL for an empty target list in CTE producer

Fixed the cross-slice interaction detection for subplans

Copying subplans for partitions by a planner broke the subplans order

gpinitsystem failed on a machine with a custom locale

gptkh could not parse engine settings with a dot symbol

kafka-adb: re-added kafka-client-2.5.0.jar to the kadb-fdw connector


     Date: 07.07.2022

  • New features

  • Bug fixes

Synced with upstream Greenplum Database 6.20.4

ADB bundle: added the ability to specify a cluster network to distinguish a high-speed network for the interconnect purpose

ADBCC: the Container Memory Usage panel was blank under certain conditions


     Date: 19.05.2022

  • New features

  • Bug fixes

Synced with upstream Greenplum Database 6.20.3

PXF: when the PXF service migrated, the rights to the directory were not being checked

PXF: the PXF_JVM_OPTS parameters could not be changed

The gpexpand_schema.tar archive was created in the directory /home/gpadmin and could overflow the space

A compatibility platform was incorrect for community bundles in AltLinux


     Date: 11.04.2022

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

Synced with upstream Greenplum Database 6.20.1

PXF: added PXF 6.3.0 to the ADB bundle (with ability to upgrade from PXF 5.x)

PXF: activated a PXF cluster sync command

PXF: added the PXF bin directory to the PATH variable

PXF: added the ability to override data types mapping in external tables for PXF

Added Tkhemali Connector 1.0.1 with a lot of refactoring

Added the Delete Tkhemali action

Added the Delete Kafka-to-ADB action

Added the Delete ADB-to-Kafka action

Added the -Dliquibase.releaseLocks=true parameter to the migration container for the Reconfigure & Restart action

Implemented ADBCC 3.4.0

Made editing of /etc/hosts optional

PXF: error with JDBC Hive when one of the fields was a reserved word

GPORCA failed on assert during transformation LEFT JOIN to INNER JOIN

The aggregate mode did not handle properly query finish commands from QD (Query Dispatcher)

kafka-adb: the storage option for an offset table is set explicitly now to avoid overriding

ADBCC installation failed if a cluster name consisted of more than one word

Interleaving of the append-optimized partitioned table removal and the pg_total_relation_size call for one of its partitions potentially caused SIGSERV

gptkh: fixed the tnx() function error that occurred when the data was being inserted into a partitioned table with the partitions number more than 1

Tkhemali: column names with spaces were not handled properly

GPORCA produced invalid plans for CTE (Common Table Expression) with replicated tables

GPORCA: the Gather motion merging is enabled now for singleton on a Segment

Monitor scripts were not added to crontab on the Activate Standby action

Backend server was displayed as IP while agent was displayed as FQDN on the Version page


     Date: 09.03.2022

  • New features

Synced with upstream Greenplum Database 6.19.3

Implemented ADBCC 3.3.1


     Date: 17.02.2022

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

  • Misc/Internal

Synced with upstream Greenplum Database 6.19.1

Hid a server name in the HTTPS group ADBCC service

Added ADB Loader tools for RHEL 8

Added the ability to deploy maintenance scripts for several databases

Enabled the backlog_lock_waits GUC

Added the Delete PXF action

Implemented ADBCC 3.3.0

Moved the Disable firewall option to the cluster level from the ADB service

Wrong column binding was used to extract values from a SharedScan node

gptkh: the distributed table test2_tmp_3054 looked at itself

gptkh: an error in parsing settings for distributed tables

Coordinator did not use quote escaping for GUC values when restored on QE

The sshd option MaxStartups had to be added before Match

Built the docker-compose RPM package 1.29.2


     Date: 20.12.2021

  • New features

  • Bug fixes

Synced with upstream Greenplum Database 6.18.2

[6X backport] Implemented archive_mode always

[6X backport] Zero fill pages skipped by a force WAL switch

Added Kafka ADB connector 1.0.4

Added plcontainer 2.1.5

Implemented ADBCC 3.2.5

Power: an unexpected subplans order caused subselect_gp test fails


     Date: 18.11.2021

  • New features

  • Bug fixes

Implemented ADBCC 3.2.4

When accessing from an append-optimized table, Index returned the wrong result

kafka-fdw: fixed garbage in output at least for the text format

gpbackup handled an empty tables set for an incremental data backup properly

gpbackup hung forever after it was interrupted

     Date: 12.11.2021

  • New features

  • Bug fixes