Hardware requirements


The following system requirements are minimal. The target sizing should be calculated based on the customer requirements.


  • Master host

  • Segment hosts

  • Physical server.

  • CPU: 8 cores or more.

  • RAM: 16 GB or more.

  • Disk storage: separate physical unformatted RAID 10 array (5 GB or more).

  • Physical server.

  • CPU: 16 cores or more.

  • RAM: 32 GB or more.

  • Disk storage: one or more physical unformatted RAID 10 arrays (10 GB or more per array).

ADB Control


For more information on the ADB Control architecture, see Arenadata DB Control overview.

  • ADB Control host

  • ADB hosts

The following are resources that are required on the host where ADB Control is installed.

Service CPU cores RAM Disk storage Note

Backend Server


16 GB


Requires additional monitoring of inner metrics queues



4 GB


Resources consumption may depend on the jobs configuration (like time periods, batch sizes, scheduling of heavy jobs to run at the same time)

Metrics DB (ClickHouse)


16 GB

100 GB

It is better to have the RAM amount that is equal to the compressed data in ClickHouse

Query DB (PostgreSQL)


8 GB

200 GB

Storage should be managed carefully so that it won’t be exhausted between data cleanup events in ADB Control

Other components: PlanChecker, Web UI & UI Backend Server, Service Registry


20 GB

10 GB




64 GB

310 GB


The following are resources that are required on each host of ADB cluster where ADB Control agent is installed:

  • CPU: 4 cores or more.

  • RAM: 4 GB or more.



For more information on the ADBM architecture, see Arenadata DB Backup Manager overview.

  • ADBM host

  • ADB hosts

Arenadata DB Backup Manager can be installed on the same host as ADB Control or on a separate host. ADBM host requires the following minimal resources (for etcd, Backup Manager, Service Registry):

  • CPU: 4 cores or more.

  • RAM: 12 GB or more.

  • Disk storage: 10 GB or more.

On segment hosts, 30% CPU and 2 GB RAM are utilized by ADBM agent and pgBackRest instance for a one-threaded backup process.

ADBM agents on segment hosts require not less than 25 Gbps network to work.

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