Ranger Kafka plugin


Prerequisites for authorization in Kafka using Ranger:

  1. ADS cluster is installed with configured authentication using MIT Kerberos or MS Active Directory protocols.

  2. ADPS cluster is installed. Installation is carried out in accordance with the section Arenadata Platform Security installation.

  3. ADS cluster integration is enabled on ADPS cluster.

Activate the Ranger Kafka plugin

To activate the Ranger Kafka plugin, do the following:

  1. Initiate Ranger Kafka plugin activation using the service action Manage Ranger plugin in Actions green arrow of the Kafka service.

  2. Wait until the activation process of the Ranger Kafka plugin is completed and the default policy is created on the Ranger side. Analyze and correct errors if they occur.

    ads ranger 11
    Ranger Kafka Plugin installation process

Check the activated Ranger Kafka Plugin

After successful activation, the authorization policy service for the Kafka service of the selected ADS cluster will appear in the Service manager interface.

To view the created policies for the cluster, click on the name of the service.

ads ranger 08 dark
Go to the created policy service
ads ranger 08 light
Go to the created policy service

This makes available the policies automatically created for the cluster servers.

To view, edit or delete policies, use the buttons in the Action column.

ads ranger 10 dark
Created policies for the ADS cluster
ads ranger 10 light
Created policies for the ADS cluster
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