Use pgAdmin to connect to ADPG

To connect to the PostgreSQL server, you can use pgAdmin — a third-party client tool that provides a graphical user interface.

Visit Download for information on how to install pgAdmin.

To connect to an ADPG host, launch pgAdmin, open the Dashboard tab, and click Add New Server in the Quick Links section.

pgadmin dashboard dark
The Dashboard tab in pgAdmin
pgadmin dashboard light
The Dashboard tab in pgAdmin

Specify connection settings according to your environment.

pgadmin settings dark
Connection settings in pgAdmin
pgadmin settings light
Connection settings in pgAdmin

After the connection is established, pgAdmin displays the specified database in the pgAdmin browser.

pgadmin browser dark
The pgAdmin browser window
pgadmin browser light
The pgAdmin browser window

If you need to change authentication settings from pg_hba.conf for the pgAdmin connection, use ADCM UI. Open CLUSTERS → ADPG cluster → Services → ADPG → Configuration tab and edit the PG_HBA field. To save changes and update pg_hba.conf, click the Save button.

edit pghba
Edit the PG_HBA section

Execute the Reconfigure & Reload action to apply changes.

We do not recommend editing postgresql.conf via pgAdmin. When the ADPG service executes the Reconfigure & Restart or Reconfigure & Reload action, postgresql.conf is rewritten with settings specified in CLUSTERS → ADPG cluster → Services → ADPG → Configuration. If you make changes to postgresql.conf in any other way, the changes will be lost.

For more information on pgAdmin, refer to the official documentation.

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