Service actions

ADCM UI provides actions to manage services. The actions are available on the Services tab. To open this tab, click an ADPG cluster name on the Clusters page and switch to the Services tab.

ADPG cluster services in the ADCM interface
ADPG cluster services in the ADCM interface

The Services tab contains a table with the following columns:

  • Name — service name.

  • Version — service version.

  • State — the current state of the service (for example, created or installed).

  • Concerns — displays an icon that indicates a state of service components. The icon concern default shows that the service works correctly. If critical errors are detected in the configuration or a job is running, the icon image is changed to concern red dark concern red light. When you hover over it, a pop-up window appears showing a description with a link that you can follow to perform the required configuration or get details.

  • Actions. When you click the icon actions default dark actions default light, the drop-down list offers actions to manage the service. A set of actions depends on the service type.

Common actions:

Actions specific to the Metrics storage service

When an action starts, ADCM displays its execution process and result on the Jobs page. On this page, you can expand nodes corresponding to complex actions to see inner steps.

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