The Reinstall action is available for the ADPG, Balancer, Chrony, and Etcd services.

The Reinstall action reinstalls the service. It checks installed files and overwrites files with incorrect content. The Reinstall action also installs missing files.

To run the action, go to the Clusters page, click an ADPG cluster, and switch to the Services tab. Click actions default dark actions default light in the Actions column and select the action from the drop-down list that appears.

Run the Reinstall action
Execute the "Reinstall" action

When you choose an action, ADCM displays a dialog window to confirm the choice. In this dialog window, you can select the Verbose checkbox to see additional execution details on the Jobs page.

In the Run an action dialog window of the ADPG and Chrony services, you can choose whether ADCM reboots cluster servers after installation.

The Run an action window
The "Run an action" window
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