ADPS service actions

ADCM UI provides a convenient way to interact with your ADPS cluster, hosts, and services via actions. To perform an action on a service, do the following:

  1. On the Clusters page, select the ADPS cluster you want to work with.

  2. On the cluster page, click Services.

  3. Click the actions default light actions default dark icon in the Actions column for the service you need. The list of actions available for the given service is displayed in the drop-down menu.

    Running service actions
    Service actions

To view the progress of an action or the action outcome, use the Jobs page that is shown below.

Monitoring service actions
Monitor actions

On this page you can view action execution details, including verbose Ansible STDOUT/STDERR outputs. To view the action execution log, click the corresponding action name on the Jobs page. Action logs are stored for a configurable time period that can be changed in ADCM settings (the Data retention policy section).

Most of the actions have the Verbose flag used to generate more detailed action execution logs.

For more information on action for each ADPS service, refer to the following links:

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