Add services

In ADCM a service means a software that performs some function. Examples of services for ADPS clusters: Ranger, Knox, MariaDB, etc. The steps for adding services to a cluster are listed below:

  1. Select a cluster on the Clusters page. To do this, click a cluster name in the Name column.

    Select a cluster
    Select a cluster
  2. Open the Services tab on the cluster page and click Add service.

    The Services tab
    Switch to adding services
  3. In the opened dialog, select services that should be added to the cluster and click Add.

    List of available services
    Select services

    The brief description of available services is listed below.

    Services that can be added to the ADPS cluster
    Service Purpose


    Reverse proxy service that acts a single access point for HTTP interactions with resources

    Maria DB

    Maria DB — a relational database created on the base of MySQL and compatible with it. Some MariaDB commands and interfaces are closer to NoSQL, than to SQL. For example, it provides such data storage types as: ColumnStore — for column data storage and distributed architecture support, OQGRAPH — for storing tree and graph structures, etc. Used as a database for Ranger


    A service that should be added if monitoring of the ADPS cluster is planned


    A data security framework used for authorization and policy management


    A search platform based on the Apache Lucene project. Its main features include full-text search, faceted search, highlighting search results, distributed indexing, integration with databases, processing documents with a complex format (Word, PDF, etc.), load-balanced querying, centralized configuration, and others. Used as an audit storage for Ranger


    A centralized coordination service for distributed applications. It is used for failure detection, health monitoring, session management, consensus, etc.

    The minimal set of services recommended for ADPS clusters is described below:

    • Knox;

    • MariaDB;

    • Ranger;

    • Solr;

    • Zookeeper.

  4. As a result, the added services are displayed on the Services tab.

    Service addition result
    The result of successful adding services to a cluster
You can also add services later. The process of adding new services to already running cluster does not differ from installing a service from scratch.
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