ADS Control releases




     Date: 02.08.2023

  • New features

  • Misc/Internal

Implemented support for Astra Linux

Revised user management to use secretmap entries in the ADCM interface

Changed product name to ADS Control, made appropriate changes to ADS Control UI

Changed container version to 2.1.1

Updated user agreement



     Date: 10.01.2023

  • Bug fixes

Fixed incorrect display of the cluster status in the ADCM interface after installation


     Date: 23.12.2022

  • New features

The first version of Arenadata Streaming Command Center (ADSCC) has been released with the following functionality:

  • creating, editing, and deleting Kafka connectors for exchanging data and creating replicas of Kafka topics;

  • support for managing multiple ADS clusters that have Kafka and Kafka Connect services installed.

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