Release notes

     Date: 10.01.2024

  • New features

Added support for ADQM

Added support for ADCM 2.0.0

     Date: 31.10.2023

  • New features

Added support for ADQM

Implemented the ability to import an Enterprise Tools (ET) cluster

     Date: 28.04.2023

  • New features

Implemented a set of options to configure an ADQM cluster (with monitoring if needed) to be installed:

  • select cluster size;

  • select a cloud where the cluster will be deployed;

  • select a product bundle version — Enterprise or Community;

  • install a monitoring cluster with the ability to select hosts for monitoring services;

  • get complete information about the cluster configuration before installing it in a convenient format;

  • create an additional monitoring cluster if another product with monitoring is already deployed in ADCM;

  • manage hc_map, services_config, and cluster_config;

  • execute init and post scripts.

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