Planning guide


To be able to use the ADQM Cloud Bundle, meet the conditions below.

  • Upload the following bundles to ADCM:

    • ADQM Cloud Bundle;

    • product bundle — Arenadata QuickMarts (ADQM);

    • cloud hostprovider bundle — for example, Yandex Cloud hostprovider or Advanced hostprovider;

    • bundle for a monitoring cluster — Monitoring Bundle (if you plan to install a monitoring cluster for ADQM);

    • bundle to deploy a monitoring cluster in a cloud — Monitoring Cloud Bundle (if you plan to install a monitoring cluster for ADQM).

  • Create and configure a hostprovider of the cloud where you plan to deploy an ADQM cluster before using ADQM Cloud Bundle.


ADQM Cloud Bundle allows you to create an ADQM cluster, but it has some limitations:

  • If you need to change the number of hosts in a cluster, you should manually change this number in the ADQM Cloud Bundle configuration settings (Community/Enterprise Config, Monitoring Config, Yandex/SberCloud Cloud Config).

  • For ADQM cluster installation, some parameters of ADQM services (in the services_config section of the Community/Enterprise Config cluster configuration) are required. If such a parameter is a password (for example, default_user_password), it is stored unencrypted.

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