Service actions

This article describes the basic steps available at the service layer ADS in the ADCM interface.

To perform an action with services, on the CLUSTERS tab, click on the row with the cluster and in the cluster menu that opens, go to the Services page.

service actions 01
ADS cluster services in the ADCM interface

For each ADS cluster service, ADCM provides:

  • Name, Version, State — columns displaying information about the service;

  • Status, Actions, Import, Config — columns with interactive interface elements (icons).

Service Information

The columns display the following information about the service:

  • Name — service name.

  • Version — service version number.

  • State — the current state of the service (created, installed, etc.).

Working with interactive interface elements in the service

Working with interactive elements in the service occurs by clicking on the element (icon).

On the JOBS tab, you can view the process of performing some actions in the service. Also on the JOBS tab, you can analyze errors if they occur.


When you click on the Status icon green status, you go to the Status service menu page, which shows the statuses of all service components on the hosts. The image of the icon changes depending on the current state of the service. If the service is not working correctly, the icon Status warning orange warning is displayed.

service actions 04
Statuses of all service components


When you click on the Actions icon green arrow, the drop-down list offers actions for working with the service.

service actions 02
Actions for working with the service

Available actions for each service are described in the articles:


When you click on the Import icon import, you go to the Import service menu page, on which you set the import of components for integrating the service with other clusters installed in ADCM (Enterprise Tools, Monitoring).

For ADS, import is performed only for the Monitoring Clients service.

service actions 07
Import service components


When you click on the Config icon config, you go to the Configuration service menu page. Service configuration parameters are described in the article ADS configuration parameters article.

service actions 11
Service configuration parameters


The icon delete in the last column is for removing the service from the cluster. When deleting a service, you should confirm the action in the dialog box that opens.

service actions 12
Action confirmation

If the service deletion fails, on the JOBS tab, you can analyze the causes of the error. Some services are interdependent. For example, before deleting some services, you need to delete the Kafka service.

service actions 13
Error deleting service
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