ADS Command Center installation

Arenadata Streaming Command Center (ADSCC) is a solution for managing ADS clusters. Supports managing multiple ADS clusters that have Kafka and Kafka Connect services installed. Provides the ability to create, edit, and delete Kafka connectors. ADSCC is installed optionally (yet strongly recommended).

This topic describes a quick installation guide.

The offline installation process requires a separate ADSCC cluster and a pre-installed Enterprise Tools (ET) cluster with the downloaded ADSCC offline installation package. Detailed information about downloading the package for offline installation can be found in the section Enterprise Tools cluster installation.

ADSCC is only available in the Enterprise edition.

The steps to install ADSCC in this case are given below. They can be performed before and after the installation of the ADS cluster, except for the final step Integration with ADS cluster, which can only be performed on the basis of the added ADS cluster.

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