ADS releases



     Date: 17.10.2022

  • New features

Added support of AltLinux 8.4 operating system for ADS

For the NiFi service, the Ranger authorization plugin has been added, the ability to add or remove permissions for processing messages in NiFi has been implemented

Added support for Kafka Connect service and Mirror Maker 2 mechanism for ADS. For more information about Mirror Maker 2, see Mirror Maker 2



     Date: 26.07.2022

  • Bug fixes

Fixed a bug when upgrading an ADS cluster with existing Nifi streams from 1.6.2.b4 to 1.7.0.b1


     Date: 16.06.2022

  • New features

  • Misc/Internal

Added LDAP/AD authentication for NiFi service

For ADS in ADCM, the ability to delete a user is implemented

For the NiFi service, the ability to work with the _routing option using the NiFi Elasticsearch processor has been added

Switching of the logging level (log level) for ADS services is implemented

For ADS in ADCM, the ability to configure channel protection via the SSL protocol has been implemented

Kafka bump to new version stack



     Date: 21.12.2021

  • Bug fixes

Fixed kdc_type setting error after update


     Date: 16.12.2021

  • New features

  • Bug fixes

  • Misc/Internal

Added the ability to use Active Directory as a Kerberos store for ADS

For the ZooKeeper service, the ability to add a set of logs for deletion (tear-down) has been implemented

Fixed a bug occurred when running the Reinstall status checker cluster action

Added full testing of the RedHat 7.9 volume license stack in ADS


     Date: 03.11.2021

  • New features

  • Bug fixes

  • Misc/Internal

Added Reinstall status checker action for ADS in ADCM

Implemented the ability to run status checker with passive components, such as client

Kafka topic data storage time not specified

Added autotests for installing ADS with Kerberos support by service

Added autotests for Upgrade with installed Kerberos

Updated status checker tests


     Date: 03.11.2021

  • New features

  • Bug fixes

  • Misc/Internal

Docker for ADS is released to use

Added a list of service log locations to the bundle configuration

The authentication protocol Kerberos is implemented for ADS

For ADS, a provisioning mechanism infrastructure has been created to enable Kerberos authentication

Fixed an issue with ADS and Enterprise Tools integration

For the ZooKeeper service, a bug with the Check action has been fixed — instead of performing a health check, it performed the installation and configuration of the service

Fixed a bug in starting offline installation on RH 7.9

Fixed incorrect execution of actions on the ZooKeeper service

Fixed offline installation error

For the NiFi service, incorrect work when passing metrics to the Graphite service of the Monitoring Clients cluster has been fixed

Fixed a bug with non-uniform hostnames for the Graphite service

Fixed a bug with duplicate configuration keys

Fixed intermittent validation error for Kafka service

For the NiFi service, an error has been fixed that occurred when the Shrink action was performed if the NiFi node did not have time to connect to the cluster

Fixed a bug for the NiFi service that occurred when the Expand action was performed when the wrong host was selected

For all services, a bug has been fixed: services did not change the state to Installed after being installed via the Install action

Changed ADS bundle format version

Disabled autostart for Shrink action

Changed maximum import version

Added branch parameter to .gitmodules

Integrated repository adcm_job_repo into ADS

Added the ability to update the bundle without rebuilding packages

Created a port map for ADS components

Created a pack-file for offline installation of CE with Enterprise Tools

Added autotests to check if Ranger works with Kerberos


     Date: 03.11.2021

  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

  • Misc/Internal

Implemented SASL/PLAIN support for Kafka, KSQL, Schema-Registry, Kafka-Rest, Kafka-Manager services

Implemented the ability to add/update users for SASL/PLAIN

Implemented ADS integration with ADPS (Arenadata Platform Security)

Implemented support for Ranger Kafka Plugin

Implemented support for Service Dependency Tree

Implemented the Check service action to check services using the systemctl utility

Implemented the division of the ADS bundle into the Enterprise version and the Community version

Increased Kafka version to 2.6.0

Increased KSQLDB version to 0.11.0

ZooKeeper repository and Alt repository uploaded to Google

For the Schema-Registry service, the check has been improved

Improved test execution time and added new fixtures from the plugin

Improved Schema-Registry configuration options

Refactored Kafka Cluster post task in Kafka-Manager

Refactored adding Nifi Metric Report tasks

Refactored use of adcm_check as utils

Refactored the NiFi service health check

Refactored services_dependencies_check.yaml

Refactored adcm_role_jmxtrans

Refactored services

Refactored actions and states of the cluster and ADS services

Graphite and Grafana imports moved to Monitoring Clients service

Migrate Kafka-Manager to a Docker container

All service checks have become more informative

It is now possible to add parameters to the Schema-Registry service config

Fixed a problem with launching the Ranger plugin

Fixed issue with Monitoring service status after Ugrade action

Fixed issue with Kafka version support when upgrading from 1.4.X

Fixed a problem with starting the Schema-Registry service after the update

Fixed bug in Kafka-Manager

Fixed bugs in ansible-lint

Repository in config.yaml split with -r flag

ADS 1.6.0 uploaded to Google

Added Guava library to ranger-kafka-plugin assembly

Verified use of json_query

Added Monitoring_dependency_check tag to Expand action

Moved ADS autotests to SSH provider

For autotests, all file accesses are organized regardless of the current working directory

Added creation of clusters with a common function from the plugin in autotests

Refactored tests to use only scope fixtures

Added services_install_order to configuration

Updated tests for using the YCC 2.11 bundle

Added service dependency tree tests

Added processing of tests for different editions

Implemented assembly of components with a dependency on ZooKeeper 3.5.8:

  • MiNiFi 0.7.0

  • Nifi-Registry 0.7.0

  • NiFi 1.12.0

Implemented build ZooKeeper 3.5.8

Implemented build Kafka 2.6.0

Implemented standardization of service checks

Implemented the assembly of the latest stable bundles for ADS 1.6.0

Refactored implementation of service dependencies

Added autotests of monitoring clients

Added MiNiFi autotests


     Date: 25.05.2020

  • Bug fixes

  • Misc/Internal

Fixing bugs in offline mode for version

Preparing a bundle for offline installation 1.5.0

Creation and placement of offline bundles
  • New features

  • Improvements

  • Bug fixes

  • Misc/Internal

Created open repositories:

  • Centos for ADS 1.5.0 bundles

  • Centos for ZooKeeper 3.5.6

  • Altlinux for ZooKeeper 3.5.6

  • Altlinux for ADS 1.5.0 bundles

Introduction of MiNiFi service for ADCM

For the MiNiFi service, the following actions have been implemented:

  • Install

  • Start/Stop/Restart

  • Check

  • Expand

  • Shrink

Monitoring implemented for MiNiFi service

Added common actions for MiNiFi service for ADS in ADCM

Increasing service versions:

  • NiFi up to 1.10.0

  • NiFi Registry up to 0.5.0

  • Kafka up to 2.4.0

  • KSQL up to 5.4

  • Schema Registry Bump Schema Registry prior to 5.4.0

  • Kafka Rest Proxy up to 5.4.0

  • ZooKeeper 3.5.6

Added support for Kafka 2.4.0 version in Kafka-Manager

Kafka-Manager downgraded to

Added the ability to monitor the Nifi service

Refactored Kafka-Manager user interface

Refactored ADS bundle for Altlinux

Refactored ZooKeeper role for Altlinux

Refactored service_main_info.yaml

Refactored Schema-Registry service

Refactored Kafka-Manager service

Refactored processing of cluster and service states

Changed the unit of Kafka metrics

Refactored Check action of Kafka service

Refactored calling the systemd role in the ZooKeeper service

Refactored actions of clusters and services for several types of scenarios

Refactored roles of repositories

Refactored NiFi Registry configuration for version 0.5.0

Refactored NiFi configuration for version 1.10.0

Refactored Kafka configuration for version 2.4.0

Refactored Kafka role

Refactored ZooKeeper role

Rebuilt MiNiFi package

Fixed a bug with building the Schema-registry service

Fixed a bug with creating custom NiFi service directories

Fixed a bug with installing the MiNiFi service (an Ansible task crashed)

Fixed issue with encoded template name in external link to MiNiFi C2 server

Fixed issue with performing Expand action for NiFi service

Fixed destructive actions when checking the repository

Fixed problem with updating child packages when updating main packages

Rebuilt ZooKeeper service package

Fixed Diamond collector issue for MiNiFi service

Fixed Run as user runtime issue for MiNiFi agent

Fixed Kafka-Manager service crash after version change

Fixed an issue with NiFi builds

Fixed issue — _verify_installation is not excluded when building bundles

Fixed LOG_DIR for all services

Changed the logic of loading the bundle version

For the ZooKeeper service, the Shrink and Expand service action tests have been Refactored when connected via an IP address

For the NiFi service, tests for the Shrink and Expand actions have been added

For the ZooKeeper service, tests for the Shrink and Expand actions have been added

Added check for Shrink and Expand results for ZooKeeper service

Added Kafka REST Proxy server update

Add a call to adcm_check after each service update task

A test for the operation of the Shrink action has been added for the Kafka service

Added adcm_check call after each task

Enable StatusLogger for MiNiFi Agent

For the MiNiFi service, a script has been developed to transfer metrics to Graphite

Added Upgrade action test for ADS 1.3.X and 1.4.X bundles

Moved service_rolling_restart.yaml to utils role

Added invisible configuration to config.yaml for computed service variable

Added update task for ZooKeeper in 3.5.6

Documents prepared for version

The latest stable packages for ADS 1.5.0 have been built

Migrated ADS to Altlinux

Added cluster upgrade tests

Added a default hidden parameter for the ZooKeeper repository to the service configuration

Added tests for Shrink and Expand actions for a cluster

Added Nifi dependency check for MiNiFi service

C2 MiNiFi server developed

Added restart tag to adcm-utils for task service_main_info.yaml

Added license acceptance in tests

Moved changes from branch-adsm-1.5-allinux to branch-adsm-1.5 for Centos and altlinux builds from the same branch

Updated license agreement

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