Ranger Kafka plugin

After verifying the user’s authentication, it is necessary to determine the access rights. User access rights to resources are determined by authorization.

Ranger features:

  • Create services for the Kafka ADS service and add a user access policy to the services.

  • Create services based on tags — allows you to control access to resources of multiple components without creating separate services and policies in each component.

  • Use Ranger Tab Sync to synchronize the Ranger tag store with an external metadata service such as Apache Atlas.

Access to the Ranger web interface

In order to gain access to the Ranger web interface, perform the following steps:

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to the Ranger web interface. To do this, in the Main tab of the Ranger service, follow the link for the Ranger web interface.

    ads ranger 07
    Link to go to the Ranger web interface
  2. Enter your administrator credentials and click Sign in to log in as a Ranger administrator.

    ads ranger 06 dark
    Log in to Ranger
    ads ranger 06 light
    Log in to Ranger
    Passwords for accessing the Ranger web interface are set before installing the ADPS cluster services in the Credentials Ranger service configuration section.

    As a result, the Service manager interface window opens.

    ads ranger 04 dark
    Service manager Ranger
    ads ranger 04 light
    Service manager Ranger

Integrating the ADPS cluster with the ADS cluster

In order to integrate the ADPS cluster with the ADS cluster, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Import tab of the ADS cluster.

  2. Select the ranger component in the panel. This component belongs to the Ranger service of the ADPS cluster.

  3. Click Save.

ads import ranger enable
Enable Import Ranger ADPS

Activating Ranger Kafka Plugin

In order to activate Ranger Kafka Plugin, perform the following steps:

  1. Initiate Ranger Kafka Plugin activation. To do this, select Manage Ranger Plugin in Actions of the Kafka service of the selected ADS cluster.

    ads ranger 02
    Enable Ranger Kafka Plugin
  2. In the Run an action window that opens, it is necessary to mark the required state of the Desired plugin state parameter.

    ads ranger 03
    Enable Ranger Kafka Plugin

    If you select the enable state, then the default policy for the Kafka Plugin will be applied to the Ranger.

  3. Click Run.

  4. Wait for the Ranger Kafka plugin activation process to complete and the default policy to be created on the Ranger side. Analyze and correct errors if they occur.

    ads ranger 11
    Ranger Kafka Plugin installation process

Checking the activated Ranger Kafka Plugin

After successful activation, the authorization policy service for the Kafka service of the selected ADS cluster will appear in the Service manager interface.

To view the created policies for the cluster, click on the name of the service.

ads ranger 08 dark
Go to the created policy service
ads ranger 08 light
Go to the created policy service

This makes available the policies automatically created for the cluster servers.

To view, edit or delete policies, use the buttons in the Action column.

ads ranger 10 dark
Created policies for the ADS cluster
ads ranger 10 light
Created policies for the ADS cluster
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