Use built-in ClickHouse web UI

To work with ADQM databases, you can use the built-in ClickHouse web interface available at http://<IP>:8123/play, where <IP> is an IP address of an ADQM server. In the user and password input fields located at the top right of the web interface, enter a username and password for connecting to the ADQM server (a user should be defined in the users section of the server’s users.xml configuration file). By default, the default username and empty password are used.

Enter your queries in the main text box of the interface and click Run to execute them.

clickhouse web interface dark
Built-in ClickHouse web interface
clickhouse web interface light
Built-in ClickHouse web interface
For ADQM users, it should be specified from which networks connections are allowed. The Connect to ADQM article contains an example on how to configure the default user so that you can access an ADQM server as this user via the ClickHouse web interface from any IP address.
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