Add components

In ADCM a component means a part of a service that should be deployed on one or several cluster hosts.

Initially, there are no components on any of cluster hosts — the distribution of components between hosts should be performed manually.

The steps of adding components to hosts are listed below:

  1. From the CLUSTERS tab switch to the cluster configuring. To do this, click the row that contains the added cluster or click the icon in the Config column. Both methods open the cluster menu.

    adcm cluster config
    Switching to cluster configuring
  2. Open the Hosts - Components tab in the cluster menu.

    The orange exclamation mark near the Hosts - Components menu item is displayed when the components distribution is needed.
    cluster components open
    Switching to services components distribution
  3. In the opened window, distribute all necessary components between cluster hosts. To distribute components, use one of the ways:

    • Select a component in the Components column (by clicking at it) and then define all hosts for it in the Hosts column (by alternate clicking at each host).

      cluster components type1
      Choosing hosts for a component
    • Select a host in the Hosts column (by clicking at it) and define all components for it in the Components column (by alternate clicking at each component).

      cluster components type2
      Choosing components for a host
    Mandatory and optional components

    Each service can have mandatory and optional components:

    • If the component is optional, it has a simple quantitative counter located to the right of its name — without the / symbol. This counter displays the number of hosts that is assigned to the current component.

      adcm components 04
      Optional components
    • If the component is mandatory, its quantitative counter contains the / symbol. The first digit in the counter (displayed before /) shows the current number of assigned hosts, and the second digit (displayed after /) — the minimal required number of hosts.

      adcm components 05
      Mandatory components
      Without assigning necessary count of hosts to mandatory components, the service distribution map cannot be saved.

    The typical scheme of components distribution for ADQM clusters is described in the table below.

    ADQM components distribution
    Host Service Component Notes

    Any host


    Clickhouse Server

    One or more components should be installed

    All hosts


    Clickhouse JDBC Bridge

    If you install this component (optionally), add it to all hosts in the cluster where the Clickhouse Server component is installed

    Any host


    Zookeeper Server

    One or more components should be installed. Total amount should be odd

    Any host


    Chproxy Proxy Server

    One or more components should be installed

  4. After components distribution is completed, click Save.

    cluster components save
    Saving components distribution
  5. As a result, the orange exclamation mark near the menu item Hosts - Components stops being displayed.

    cluster components success
    The result of successful components distribution
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