Add SSH hostprovider

To manage a cluster and its nodes via ADCM, it is necessary to prepare hosts for a cluster and link these hosts to ADCM. This is the function of ADCM hostproviders — special plugins for ADCM, that encapsulate the complex mechanism of interaction between ADCM and the hosts controlled by it.

There are several types of hostproviders in ADCM. This topic shows how to add the simplest SSH hostprovider, which allows to connect to the existing hosts using the SSH protocol. During offline installation this is the most suitable hostprovider type.

A typical installation sequence for the SSH hostprovider includes the following steps.

Step 1. Download a hostprovider bundle

Hostprovider distributions for ADCM come in bundles. Regarding the SSH hostprovider, a bundle is a regular archive that includes a description and logic to establish an SSH connection to a host.

The steps for downloading a bundle are given below:

  1. Go to the Arenadata Cluster Manager product website and click Download.

    adcm hostprovider add 01
    Switching to the Arenadata Cluster Manager downloading page

    Another way — go to and choose Arenadata Cluster Manager.

  2. On the next page, download a required bundle. SSH hostprovider bundles are called SSH Common Bundle.

Step 2. Upload a hostprovider bundle to ADCM

To upload a bundle to ADCM, follow these steps in the ADCM web interface:

  1. Open the BUNDLES tab and click Upload bundle.

  2. Select the downloaded bundle in the Open File Dialog.

    adcm hostprovider add 04 dark
    Switching to uploading a bundle
    adcm hostprovider add 04 light
    Switching to uploading a bundle
  3. As a result of the performed actions, the uploaded bundle is displayed at the BUNDLES tab.

    adcm hostprovider add 05
    The result of successful uploading a bundle

Step 3. Create a hostprovider based on the uploaded bundle

To add a new hostprovider to ADCM on the base of the uploaded bundle, follow these steps in the ADCM web interface:

  1. Open the HOSTPROVIDERS tab and click Create provider.

    adcm hostprovider add 06
    Creating a new hostprovider
  2. In the opened window:

    • Select the uploaded bundle in the Bundle field.

    • Select the desired version of the bundle in the Version field. Several versions become available in the case of different versions of the same bundle being uploaded. By default, the latest version is displayed.

    • Enter the hostprovider name in the Hostprovider name field.

    • Enter the hostprovider description in the Description field, if necessary.

    • Click Create.

    adcm hostprovider add 07
    Filling in the new hostprovider parameters
  3. As a result of the performed actions, the created hostprovider is displayed at the HOSTPROVIDERS tab.

    adcm hostprovider add 08
    The result of successful adding a hostprovider
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