Install postgis

The Install postgis action is available for the ADPG service.

This action installs the Arenadata adpg14-postgis package that includes the PostGIS extension version 3.2.1. This package is similar to the PostgreSQL postgis package.

To run the action, go to the CLUSTERS tab, click the ADPG cluster, and select Services in the left-side menu. Click green arrow in the Actions column and select the action from the drop-down list that appears.

Execute the Install postgis action
Execute the "Install postgis" action

When you choose an action, ADCM displays a dialog window to confirm the choice. In this dialog window, you can select the Verbose checkbox to see additional execution details on the JOBS tab.

The Run an action window
The "Run an action" window

PostGIS is a spatial database extension for PostgreSQL. It adds support for geographic objects and allows you to run location queries in SQL. PostGIS also offers many features rarely found in other competing spatial databases. Refer to PostGIS Feature List for more details.

Extension modules are installed to the following directory: /usr/lib/adpg14/lib. Extension control files are located in /usr/lib/adpg14/share/extension. Once you have these files, use the CREATE EXTENSION command to load objects into your database. For more information, see Working with extensions.

PostGIS contains the following modules:

  • address_standardizer and address_standardizer_data_us — used to parse an address into constituent elements, generally used to support geocoding address normalization.

  • postgis — PostGIS geometry and geography spatial types and functions.

  • postgis_raster — PostGIS raster types and functions.

  • postgis_tiger_geocoder — PostGIS tiger geocoder and reverse geocoder.

  • postgis_topology — PostGIS topology spatial types and functions.

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