Creating roles

This functional is available only to the user with appropriate permissions.

In order to create a new role:

  1. Log into ADCM console.

  2. Navigate to Roles tab. Roles list opens.

  3. Click Add new role. Add Role window opens.

  4. Fill in the fields. Role name is required.

  5. Add permissions. Use buttons with product names as filters to select permissions.

    Add Role window
  6. Click Add. The new role is added.


You can not mix permissions related to the objects of different hierarchy.

Cluster hierarchy:

  • Cluster

  • Service

  • Component

  • Host

Hostprovider hierarchy:

  • Hostprovider

  • Host

Since host object belongs to both hierarchies, it has all kinds of permissions, so you can launch actions related to both hierarchies when working with hosts.

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