Release notes

Supported platforms


Date: 09.07.2021


  1. Fixed a problem for timestamp-type fields (date and time).


Date: 19.03.2021


  1. Fixed a parsing error of the timetz type.

  2. Removed the "analyze on" option when getting statistics from ADB.


Date: 05.03.2021


  1. Added Spark 2.4.x support.

  2. Added Scala 2.12.x support.

  3. Added the ability to partition the ADB table when reading without explicitly specifying the partitioning column (without using segment_id).


Date: 26.02.2021


  1. Added implicit functions to the Spark context to get a list of tables which are visible to a user.

  2. Added the usage of temporary external tables to optimize the garbage collection process.


Date: 04.02.2021

The first stable version of the connector. Supported functionality:

  1. Massively parallel data reading from ADB.

  2. Massively parallel data recording in ADB using various recording modes:

    1. Overwrite (overwrite);

    2. Adding (append);

    3. Error if the target table exists (errorIfExists).

  3. Structured data support.

  4. Automatic data schema generation.

  5. Customizable partitioning:

    1. Integer types;

    2. Dates.

  6. Push-down operators:

    1. Cutting off columns;

    2. Push-down filters.

  7. Extracting additional metadata from ADB:

    1. Data distribution scheme;

    2. Statistics;

    3. Optimization of counts.

  8. Executing arbitrary sql via master ADB.

  9. Butch mode.

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