Metrics chart

The Monitoring → Metrics Chart page in the ADB Control web interface allows you to display different charts for tracking the dynamic changes of different metrics over the selected time period in the ADB clusters connected for monitoring.

adbc metrics chart
The Monitoring → Metrics Chart tab

To configure charts, you can use the following fields in the top part of the page:

  • Chart type — a chart type. Possible types:

    • Commands status — a number of SQL commands in the Running status.

    • Transactions status — a number of transactions in the Active status.

    • Total CPU usage percent — a total CPU consumption in the ADB cluster (percentage).

    • Total virtual memory — a total virtual memory consumption in the ADB cluster (percentage).

    • Total read bytes — a total data read amount in the ADB cluster (in bytes).

    • Total write bytes — a total data write amount in the ADB cluster (in bytes).

  • Cluster — the ADB cluster for which all charts should be built. The default cluster can be selected in the ADB Control settings.

    On the right of the Cluster field, there is a drop-down list with two possible values:

    • Summary — display a summary chart for the whole ADB cluster.

    • Hosts — display information for each cluster host in the form of separate charts. The Hosts option is disabled for Commands status and Transactions status charts.

  • Show chart — the drop-down list that is used to select cluster hosts. Becomes visible if the Hosts option is selected.

  • Time period —  the time period for which a chart is required. In the window that opens after clicking the field, you can select an interval from the offered options or set the custom time range.

The figure below shows the option of displaying chart information in the context of cluster hosts.

adbc metrics chart2
Display a chart in the context of hosts

Regardless of how the charts are displayed (across the whole cluster or for each host individually), you can get values of the tracked metric for the selected time point by hovering the mouse over the chart.

adbc metrics chart3
Get the metric values for the selected chart point
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