Configure security policies

The Security tab on the Configuration page in the ADB Control web interface allows you to configure security policies. On this tab, you can define the following restrictions, which will be checked during user creation and authorization.

The "Configuration → Security" tab fields
Field Description Default value

Minimum password length

The minimal password length for user creation


Maximum password length

The maximum password length for user creation


Authorization attempt limit

The maximum number of failed login attempts that permanently or temporarily blocks the user (depending on the Type value)



The blocking type that is to be used when the maximum number of failed logon attempts (Authorization attempt limit) is reached. Possible values:

  • Permanently — block permanently until the system owner performs unblocking.

  • Selected time period — block temporarily for the time specified in the Blocking time period field (or until the system owner performs unblocking).

Selected time period

Blocking time period

The temporary user blocking period in the <value><unit> format (without spaces), where <unit> has the following possible values:

  • min — minutes;

  • hr — hours;

  • d — days.

Examples: 5min, 1hr, 1d


To change the default settings, edit the fields and click Apply. Click Revert if you need to undo the changes that have not been yet saved by clicking Apply.

adbc config security
The Configuration → Security tab
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