Add services

In ADCM a service means a software that performs some function. The steps for adding services to a cluster are listed below:

  1. From the CLUSTERS tab switch to the cluster configuring. To do this, click the row that contains the added cluster or click the icon in the Config column. Both methods open the cluster menu.

    mon cluster config
    Switching to cluster configuring
  2. Open the Services tab in the cluster menu and click Add services.

    mon services add 01
    Switching to services adding
  3. In the opened dialog, select the services that should be added to the cluster, and click Add.

    mon services add 02
    Choosing services

    The brief description of available services is listed below.

    Services that should be added to the monitoring cluster
    Service Purpose


    A Python service used for collecting system metrics from the hosts that are connected to the monitoring system. The collected metrics are processed by Carbon (the backend services of Graphite)


    Includes several components:

    • Carbon — a set of services that are used to process metrics collected by Diamond.

    • Whisper DB — a temporary file database where collected metrics are stored.

    • Web service — allows to get and visualize metrics from Whisper DB.


    A web service that allows to create convenient sets of graphs, alerts, and other visualization tools for metrics received from Graphite. By default, uses the port 3000

  4. As a result, the added services are displayed at the Services tab.

    mon services add 03
    The result of successful adding services to a cluster
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