Configure services

  1. From the CLUSTERS tab switch to the cluster configuring. To do this, click the row that contains the added cluster or click the icon in the Config column. Both methods open the cluster menu.

    cluster config
    Switching to cluster configuring
  2. Open the Services tab in the cluster menu, find the row that contains the desired service, and click the gear icon in the Config column.

    If some services require initial configuring, the orange exclamation mark is displayed near the tab name Services and in the Actions field of each corresponding service. Configuring of such services is mandatory for subsequent cluster installation. But you can also change configuration parameters of other services.
    services config start
    Switching to service configuring
  3. In the opened window, fill in the configuration parameters of the selected service. The fields highlighted in orange are mandatory. After completing the service configuring, click Save.

    services config card
    Service configuring

    Pay attention to the following parameters:

    • Chrony → NTP servers. Though this parameter is optional, we recommend to set it to the nearest NTP server, e.g. the one that your company uses.


For more information about services configuration parameters, see Configuration parameters in the References.

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