Distributed streaming platform

Arenadata Streaming (ADS) – enterprise-ready Streaming Platform that makes it easy build real-time data pipelines and streaming applications based on Apache Kafka and Apache Nifi – open source projects. ADS contains all the necessary components for collecting, analyzing and processing data in real time, provides storage and transmission in the semantics of “exactly-once delivery” in a safe and fault-tolerant way, providing a convenient interface for administration and development. The platform can also act as a corporate data bus and ETL tool (Pic.2.).


Рис. 2. ADS Platform Concept

The idea of a distributed streaming platform is to provide:

  • Single access point;
  • Easy, safe and reliable way to control data flow;
  • Security policies;
  • Fast and continuous development.

One of the features of the implementation of the platform is the use of technology, similar to the transaction logs used in database management systems. ADS has the following distinctive technical qualities:

  • Fault tolerance – ensuring consistency in real-time streaming;
  • Scalability – adding new servers to the cluster as needed;
  • Distribution – possibility of building geo-distributed infrastructure;
  • Available equipment – work on any x86-compatible hardware;
  • Real time – stream management, adding and configuring real-time data sources;
  • Security – flexible data access control mechanisms;
  • Integration – connectors to different systems: Elasticsearch, SAP HANA, Vertica, Couchbase, Cassandra, CouchDB, IBM MQ, etc. A wide range of APIs for integration with other external systems;
  • Simplicity and flexibility – the ability to create workflow using a graphical interface or develop your own applications using the SDK to improve performance.

Apache Kafka – distributed software message broker, an open source project developed within the Apache Software Foundation.

Apache NiFi supports powerful and scalable directed graphs of data routing, transformation, and system mediation logic developed within the Apache Software Foundation.

Version ADS 1.0.0 was released in the second quarter of 2018. The version includes the following components: Ambari, Zookeeper, NiFi, Kafka. Integration with ZooKeeper allows the system to work not only quickly and smoothly, but safely, which is especially important in the case of big data.

With Arenadata Streaming you get an effective solution for stream processing:

  • Use as a corporate data bus for all your applications;
  • Collect large data streams safely and efficiently manage them in real time;
  • Create data streams with support for access rights to them;
  • Develop streaming analytic applications in minutes in real time without writing a line of code.

The manual may be useful for administrators, programmers, developers and employees of information technology departments who implement and maintain clusters Arenadata.

The following documentation describes the platform Arenadata Streaming: storage concepts, installation, architectural features and platform settings.


Contact information support service – e-mail: info@arenadata.io


Currently, the automatic installation of Arenadata Streaming is only available through Ambari version 2.7.0 or higher