Download distribution platform

To download the platform distribution Arenadata Streaming you need to select the tab “Download” on the site This takes you to the App Store (, Pic.9.), and opens the on-screen application form to download the product (Pic.7.).


Рис. 7. Application for product download

In the screen form of the application should fill in the following fields:

  • Full name – full name of user;
  • E-Mail – user email address;
  • Company – user company name;
  • Purpose of use – description of the purpose of using the platform.

All fields are required. After entering the data, press the the Send button. If the fields are filled in correctly, a corresponding message is displayed (Pic.8.).


Рис. 8. Application accepted

The message box should be closed. This takes you to the page App Store with a list of products Arenadata (Pic.9.).


Рис. 9. App Store

When hovering the cursor over the product ARENADATA STREAMING, a choice of actions is provided:

  • Download – go to the download page of the platform distributive;
  • Documentation – go to the online documentation page of the platform.

To download the platform distribution package, select the Download item, this will lead to the corresponding page with a brief description of the product, links to distribution components and release information (Pic.10.).


Рис. 10. Download Page

In the section Choose version you should indicate the version of the platform ADS you are interested in, and in the field Choose OS – the operating system to be used. At the same time, the release date and release type of the selected version, its number, links to the license of use and Release Notes are displayed in the section Release information.

In the section Links to distribution components there are links to download components of the selected platform version. After downloading the components, install them, acting in accordance with the subsequent sections of this document.