Installing ADS cluster with ADCM

The simplest way to install an ADS cluster is to use an Arenadata Cluster ManagerADCM.


The advantages of installing the ADS cluster through the ADCM are:

  1. All installation and configuration logic is encapsulated in the ADS bundle:
  • User doesn’t have to enter a large number of console commands;
  • All important settings of OS and database are configured.
  1. Single interface for access and configuration management:
  • Ability to manage multiple services through a single interface
  • Ability to manage multiple clusters through a single interface
  1. There is a possibility to use both cloud and physical infrastructure.
  2. All ADS rpm packets are taken from the Arenadata repository:
  • All rpms have been tested;
  • A fixed set of packages is used which simplifies user assistance and compiling bug reports.

Preliminary actions

To install the ADS cluster using ADCM you must complete the following preliminary steps:

  1. Install ADCM;
  2. Create the hosts for the ADS cluster:
  • Load required host bundle. The current example uses the Datafort bundle;
  • Initialize the required number of hosts (in the current example, this step is skipped because the hosts are ready, not the cloud provider);
  • Add hosts to ADCM (the current example uses 4 hosts): for Zookeeper (zk), for Kafka brokers (kafka 1 and kafka2), for Nifi (nifi1);
  1. (Optional) Create the monitoring cluster:
  • Load monitoring bundle;
  • Instantiate and install monitoring cluster.