ADCM is a software distributed in a form of Docker image.

You have to have some Docker or compatible container engine to run ADCM as described in pre_requisites_.

To install software you could simply run the following command:

docker pull

Then you have to create container base on that image. ADCM has some mandatory persistent information which is stored in /adcm/data dir inside container. That means that we have to map volume to that dir and care about backup of that volume:

docker create --name adcm -p 8000:8000 -v /opt/adcm:/adcm/data

In the command above we made a container on port 8000 with ADCM and all data will be stored on host machine in directory /opt/adcm/.

If you want to run ADCM with SELinux enabled, a docker must be ctreated with :Z option in data catalog parameter:

docker create --name adcm -p 8000:8000 -v /opt/adcm:/adcm/data:Z